Smooth swimming fins

Want a smooth fin kick?

+ Fins smooth whole stroke.
+ Higher straighter knees.
+ Horizontal thighs.
+ Higher straighter hips.
+ Horizontal torso.
+ Streamline your body for less drag.
+ Less wasted energy.
+ Efficient, smooth thrust.
+ Great for freestyle, backstroke & fly.
+ Swimming feels so much smoother!

Smooth fins for better streamlining!

Wish fins smoothed your stroke?

shinfin fins streamline your whole body as they propel you forward. Throughout your kick, the fin thrust direction actively encourages proper body streamlining. These smooth fins raise and straighten your knees, level your thighs, and raise and straighten your hips.

This is how they smooth your kick and hence streamline your whole body. The water flow over the fins raises and straightens your knees. This lifts your thighs more horizontal. And this raises and straightens your hips. So the fins push you forward through more horizontal, streamlined legs. This guides your upper body into a more horizontal and streamlined position too.

Your streamlined body position minimises drag. It also encourages a smooth kick thrust from your hips, giving fast fin propulsion. This is how good swimmers swim. So these smooth fins propel you fast. They also teach and strengthen your natural smooth strokes for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly.

They feel much more natural and smoother compared to regular flippers. Swimmers and coaches know that regular flippers cause too much knee bend and too much hip bend, sloping your thighs down in the water. They call it a “bicycle kick”. It is poorly streamlined, inefficient and feels uncomfortable. Worse, your body remembers this poor “bicycle kick” even after you take the flippers off. So regular flippers cause bad habits which stay with you. How do flippers ruin your efficient, streamlined kick? What bad habits have flippers given you?

To work smoothly, fins need to be on your legs, not on your feet. Would you like fast fins that streamline your legs and body? Maybe you would like more efficient fins that improve your whole stroke efficiency including legs, body, arms and breathing? Perhaps you want smoother propulsion from your fins so you can enjoy more natural smooth swimming? Read on to learn more. Or contact me. I’d love to discuss how shinfin fins will help you.

Higher straighter knees

The fins connect directly to your lower legs. So the water flow over the fins gently pushes your lower legs upwards. This raises your knees and straightens your knee joints. It also reduces knee drag through the water. So the fins propel you forwards more efficiently, like good swimmers kick. The fins lift your knees even at slow swimming speeds. They lift your knees even if you don’t kick and just swim with your arms. To fix severe knee drop, fit the fins higher to lift your knees even more. These fins give higher straighter knees for a better kick with a more horizontal kick propulsion. [Regular flippers make you bend your knees too much, dropping your knees well below the horizontal .]

Horizontal thighs

Higher straighter knees lifts your thighs more horizontal. So the smooth fins propel you forwards more horizontally, pushing straight along the line of your thighs. Horizontal thighs also reduces the wasted energy from your thighs dragging through the water. So these fins give horizontal thighs for a more efficient smooth kick. You get faster fin propulsion with less drag. [Flippers slope your thighs down well below the horizontal, creating unwanted drag and wasting energy.]

Higher straighter hips

Horizontal thighs lifts your hips higher and encourages straighter hip joints. So the fins stop your hips sinking and bending too much. This is a common problem that hinders many swimmers. These fins give higher straighter hips to improve your kick from your hips. You feel so much better moving through the water. [Flippers make you bend your hips too much, dropping your hips down in the water.]

Horizontal torso

Higher straighter hips keeps your torso more horizontal. A horizontal torso reduces the frontal drag of your chest moving through the water. So this optimises the speed you get from your kicks. It also makes best use of the power of your arm pulls. [Flippers slope your torso down, causing more chest drag.]

Faster streamlined body

Full body streamlining is a sequence of all the above. Higher straighter knees gives horizontal thighs. Horizontal thighs gives higher straighter hips. Higher straighter hips gives a horizontal torso. Through their design, shinfin fins actively encourage this full body streamlining whilst they are delivering power to propel you forwards. Your knees and hips are higher and straighter. Your legs and torso are more horizontal. Throughout your stroke, these fins streamline your whole body to swim faster. [Flippers don’t give the same body streamlining sequence, they create extra drag.]

Efficient smooth thrust

shinfin fins do much more than streamlining your body. They propel you with smooth forces throughout your kick. You feel this smooth thrust working continuously during your down kicks, up kicks and transitions in between. Because the fins connect directly to your shins, the thrust goes from your shins, through your knees, directly along your thighs and horizontally through your hips to your torso. It propels your body forwards efficiently with power originating from your hip movement. This is how good swimmers kick. But even if you don’t know how to kick properly, the natural flex of these smooth fins will guide you into the correct kick. These fins deliver smooth thrust throughout your kick. [Flippers make you kick from your knees, hence the common, inefficient “bicycle kick” problem with poor streamlining.]

Smooth fins improve freestyle, backstroke & butterfly

The end result is that smooth fins help you improve your stroke for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. [Regular flippers slow your kick, lower your body and degrade your freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. If you care about your swimming strokes, why would you use them at all?]

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