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Smooth swimming fins reviews

Streamlined fins for more force!
Streamlined fins for more force!

Smooth swimming is a key benefit of shinfin™ fins, as shown in the customer reviews below. They give you higher and straighter hips, thighs and knees. This lifts your legs and body more horizontal. That reduces wasted energy from the water drag on your thighs and body. So you swim more efficiently. This is how they guide you into a smooth, streamlined kick for faster swimming.

Enjoy the customer smooth swimming reviews below. To learn more, please also see the smooth swimming fins article and the smooth swimming fins FAQ. Learn about related kicking benefits in the best swim style fins article and the hip power fins article.

  • Residual limb water exercise fin

    Rachel finds her shinfinTM fins great for moving better in the water, and for exercising her residual limb to build strength ready for using a prosthetic. She likes wearing one fin on her below knee amputation stump and kicking holding a float in front of her. Kicking with just her residual limb ensures that it does all the work. Furthermore, she finds this technique also builds her core strength because her core strength stops her rotating in the water. When she tried kicking without her shinfinTM fin, she found she didn’t seem to move anywhere! Later, she also started using her shinfinTM fin for front crawl, enjoying going faster. She plans to experiment wearing two shinfinTM fins in the pool, and also to swim in the sea.

    Rachel’s tibia is slightly protruding at the end of her stump. So she wears a modified diving sock to pad her stump, to stop it rubbing on the fin. Padding options include stump socks, neoprene knee supports and sleeves, wetsuits, and sleeves cut from wetsuit legs, arms and socks.

    Rachel’s review from Oxford, UK

    “I’ve been enjoying using the shinfinTM fin, which has enabled me to exercise my residual limb more and to move better in the water. So I wanted to find a way to exercise my residual limb, by increasing it’s resistance in the water, to maintain and build strength ready for using a prosthetic. Swimming with a float, leaving my healthy leg floating in the water, so my residual limb has to do all of the work. Initially, I tried doing this without a shinfinTM fin, but I didn’t seem to move anywhere!”

    “You recommend wearing shinfinTM fins on both legs. I haven’t done this yet, because I specifically wanted to work my residual limb really hard. Also, I find when swimming with just one shinfinTM fin, that I am using my core strength to stop me rotating in the water, which is also very useful exercise!”

    6 months later: “I’m getting on really well with the fin. I still only wear one and I mainly use it to exercise my residual limb, by swimming with a float and only using that leg. I’ve started doing a few lengths front crawl and I enjoy being able to go faster. I’m slowly increasing the number of lengths I do with the fin. It’s a great product and I’m really glad I found it.”

  • Short stump propulsion below knee amputee fins

    Steve, a below knee amputee, definitely feels the extra propulsion from fitting one shinfinTM fin on his short 6 inch stump and the other fin on his other leg. This is because both fins combine to smooth his swimming stroke. They streamline his entire body and give him a smooth propulsion throughout his kick. They work so well that he finds he needs to tell his amputee friends, and others too.

    Steve’s review from Newhall, USA

    “My amputation is 6 inches below the knee. I could definitely feel the difference, mostly in the amount of additional propulsion. Yea, I really like these suckers. I try to promote them all the time. They work so well, I feel I need to let ohers know about them, especially my amputee friends. They are the bomb.”

  • Better kicking technique, faster snorkeling fins

    Andrew loves the better kick technique that shinfinTM fins give him for more efficient, faster snorkeling. This is because shinfinTM fins encourage him to kick with power from his hips and a smooth, streamlined technique. He found this new shinfinTM kick to be very different to his kick when snorkeling with his old foot fins.

    Andrew’s review from Melbourne, Australia

    “Loved the fins. Took a while to get used to them but once I was kicking differently they were surprisingly fast. Already they have proven their worth for reef snorkeling. I found I was much more efficient and faster since using the shinfinTM fins and the kicking technique was much better!”

  • Better kick, stroke, breathing & endurance: technique fins

    Over many years, the swim technique encouraged by shinfinTM fins has given Rick a better kick, improved stroke, relaxed breathing and a dramatic increase in endurance. He tends to swim freestyle about 5-6 km a week, fitness swimming in pools and in the ocean. What’s more, these benefits carry over to his no-fins swimming style too. This all flows on from the better aligned, streamlined horizontal body position that he feels the fins promoting. Importantly, he feels the incredible workout in his thighs, glutes and abdomen because the fins guide him to kick from his hips. Rick can see clearly that regular foot fins don’t come close in comparison.

    Rick’s review from Perth, Australia

    “Thank you for prompt service and a great product. By the second session I was already noticing marked improvement in my kick, but also more generally in my stroke and breathing, as a flow-on from the better aligned body position the fins promote. What I hadn’t really considered (the added bonus I suppose) is the dramatic improvement in my endurance, allowing me to extend my lap distance each session. And my no-fins kick is also improving. So, good on you for taking a strong concept all the way through the process of invention and manufacture, to realise an extraordinary Aussie design innovation.”

    4 months later: “I’m still using my shinfinTM fins three times every week, swimming an average of 5-6 km a week at present. I’ve found them kind of addictive! My endurance has improved dramatically, and so has my general fitness. I’m now much more relaxed in the water, and breathing smoothly and easily. The improved horizontality of body position has helped me work on my freestyle stroke, to streamline my swim technique. I’ve been able to really concentrate on technical aspects of my stroke, like kick beat, or bilateral breathing. The long, slow, strong 2-beat kick provides an incredible workout for my abdomen, glutes, thighs, and even my shoulders, as my arms are working stronger, to maintain momentum. I’m happy to help encourage more people to adopt shinfinTM fins, because I believe in the quality of the design and product!”

    4 years later: “I swear by the fins, for promoting a good horizontal body position, improving my stroke and working my thighs, quads and glutes. Regular fins don’t come close in comparison.”

  • Below knee amputee triathlon training fins

    Andy, a below knee amputee who does triathlon swim training four times a week and is losing weight, finds his shinfinTM fins work really well. With one fin comfortable and secure on his stump and the other fin on his other leg, he finds moving around the pool much easier than with a conventional fin. He feels shinfinTM fins give him real propulsion from both legs, lifting his back end to make him more streamlined and faster. He also feels the fins encourage him to kick naturally from his hips using the stronger muscles in his stomach. What’s more, the fins help him swim much faster with a kickboard too.

    Andy’s review from Carnwath, UK

  • Snorkeling after practising with fins in a pool

    Joan is not a good swimmer, so she practised with her shinfinTM fins in a pool first before using them for snorkeling on her vacation. She found pool practice helpful because shinfinTM fins guide her to learn to swim with a better swimming style. Her smooth swimming kick then transferred across to work great for her snorkeling too.

    Joan’s review from Vancouver, Canada

    “I practised first in the pool, and then used them snorkeling. They worked great! I am not a good swimmer. So it was really good to pool practise first.”

  • After osteosarcoma surgery: effective kick & flotation fins

    shinfinTM fins lift Stuart’s legs horizontal to give him an effective streamlined kick with more flotation, for his aquatic therapy after extensive osteosarcoma surgery to his left leg. This is because his forward swimming motion gently pushes the fins upwards. This lifts his knees, legs, hips and upper body horizontal, for less drag and smooth swimming. Without shinfinTM fins, his legs sink. He can’t use standard foot fins.

    Stuart’s review from Dapto, Australia

    “I have found the shinfinTM fins very useful for me as I couldn’t use standard fins. I was unable to use my left leg for effective kicking, prior to using the shinfinTM fins, due to the effect of extensive surgery to remove an osteogenic sarcoma. The leg also tended to drag and sink. The shinfinTM fins have allowed me to more or less have a normal kicking action and have also provided a degree of flotation. I am very impressed with the shinfinTM fins.”

  • Tidal pools & council pools: comfortable lap swimming fins

    Leanne loves her shinfinTM fins for lap swimming in tidal ocean pools and council pools. She finds them comfortable to wear whenever she swims because they give her the best swim styles. They are comfortable because they flex to fit her legs and the straps are adjustable to suit most leg sizes and shapes. They give many benefits over foot flippers, which she cannot wear.

    Leanne’s review from Central Coast, Australia

    “I love my shinfinTM fins. I was unable to wear flippers so now I wear shinfinTM fins every time I go swimming. They are comfortable. I do lap swimming in a tidal pool or I use local council pools. I average 10 kilometres a week.”

  • No sinking legs or bad ankles: natural swim training fins

    shinfinTM fins give Mauricio natural swim training, solving his sinking legs problem and the bad ankles he got from standard flippers. This is because shinfinTM fins improve his swim technique by lifting his legs horizontal to keep his body horizontal. So this gives him a better swimming style with smooth, streamlined swimming. Furthermore, they are not bad for his ankles like regular flippers because they strap just above his ankles. So this gives him supple ankles and relaxed feet. Overall, he has less dependence on his arms and is more motivated to swim.

    Mauricio’s review from McLean, USA

    “I have used the shinfinTM fins for a couple of years now and I absolutely love them! I swim 3-4 times a week, around 2K each time. Would not be able to do it without these fins. I was never able to solve the problem of “sinking legs” (which makes swimming very hard on the arms and on the motivation…) And the standard flippers are bad for my ankles. Thanks again for this wonderful, wonderful product.”

  • Below knee amputee lap swimming fins

    The very first time he used them, Dave, a below knee amputee, felt his lap swimming greatly improved by shinfinTM fins. They help him get up onto the water, lifting his thighs horizontal and his body streamlined. So he no longer drags his backside along. This is because shinfinTM fins encourage smooth horizontal swimming, with more flutter kick power from his hips.

    Dave’s review from Snoqualmie, USA

    “I am a below knee amputee. I wanted to get back into swimming and was finding that doing a normal flutter kick my progress was not good. In fact, I either stayed in the same place or actually went backwards. Used the shinfinTM fins and what a great improvement! Back to getting power out of the kicks. I was able to get up on the water and enjoy doing laps again rather than literally dragging my backside along. Thank you very much for creating and supplying them.”