Fins avoid ankle strain, pain & injury

Which fins avoid ankle strain, pain & injury & don’t hurt ankles?

To avoid ankle strain and injury, choose fins that strap on your legs, not on your feet. They give you extra power without hurting your ankles. These fins also tend not to aggravate an existing ankle problem, if you use them sensibly. You may find that they help with ankle rehabilitation after ankle injuries and ankle operations. Of course, check with your doctor and/or physiotherapist first and read our tips. These comfortable fins don’t hurt your ankles.

Regular foot fins give many people sore ankles. This is because foot fins force your ankles to point your feet too much when you kick. Also, they make you hold your ankles at an unnatural angle, just to point the fins in the right direction for your kick. This strains your ankle joints and ligaments, and twists your knees. After a while, the ankle pain builds up. When people don’t wear foot fins, they don’t have problems with ankle strain. But they like the extra power that fins give them.

These new fins give you extra power without these problems because they strap just above your ankles. So their extra fin power is connected directly to your legs. Fin power does not transfer through your ankles like with regular foot fins. So they add no ankle strain.

With these fins, your ankles aren’t forced to point your feet harshly. Your ankles do not hold your feet painfully at an unnatural angle. Instead, your ankles are relaxed and supple. Your ankles and feet are free to move the same way as good kicking without fins.

Now you can have comfortable fins and leave all that ankle strain and ankle injury in the past!

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