Hip power fins

Want more speed from big muscles?

+ Efficient hip power fins.
+ Minimal knee-bend, more power.
+ Power from strong muscle groups.
+ Thighs, buttocks, stomach & torso.
+ Smooth power within each stroke.
+ Correct stroke timing.
+ For freestyle, backstroke & butterfly.
+ Imprints your kick muscle memory.
+ Power your barefoot swimming!

Fins powered from your hips!

Wish fins were powered by larger hip muscles?

shinfin fins are hip power fins because they encourage you to kick smoothly from your hips, keeping your knees fairly straight.  This is how good swimmers kick. The fins can only do this because they are connected to your legs, not to your feet.

Your hip joint is powered by the large muscles in your thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso. These fins actually guide you to use these muscles correctly to enhance your freestyle, backstroke and butterfly strokes. You can feel your hip power muscles working properly (much more than with regular flippers).

Have you ever wondered why regular flippers strain your calf muscles? It is because they make you use your calf muscles to kick from your knees, not from your hips. They make you bend your knees too much – you can feel it. They also make you use your calf muscles to point your feet to hold the flippers straight. This strains your calf muscles even more. This all tells you that flipper biomechanics is wrong for natural swimming. That’s why coaches and swimmers often don’t use flippers at all. They don’t want to train the wrong muscles, corrupt their natural kick action and ruin their stroke timing.

Do flippers strain your calf muscles? How do flippers ruin your stroke timing? Have flippers messed up your natural freestyle, backstroke or butterfly kicks? To swim properly with hip power, you need your fins on your legs, not on your feet.

Would you like to improve and strengthen your technique for freestyle, backstroke or butterfly? Perhaps you need hip powered fins to exercise the large muscle groups in your thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso? Maybe you just want to enjoy the feeling of proper hip powered swimming? Read on to learn more. Or contact me. I’d love to discuss how shinfin fins will help you.

Hip power fins

They guide you into a streamlined kick from your hips. Your knees are straighter, with only a little knee-bend. This keeps your thighs more horizontal and streamlined in the water. This is how good swimmers get more kick power for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. [Regular flippers make you kick more from your knees (not your hip) with too much knee bend, downward sloping thighs and hence more drag.]

Large muscles: thighs, buttocks, stomach & torso

The large muscles in your thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso give the best kicking power. So these hip power fins give you a more powerful kick with more endurance. Training with them will strengthen your large muscles just like for a good swimmers’ kick without fins. [Flippers are powered more by the different smaller muscles in your calves, often causing calf cramps.]

Constant speed during stroke

They encourage smooth muscle power delivery throughout each down kick and each up kick. They also give smooth transitions between the power and return parts of your kick. This optimises your kick for a more efficient, constant swimming speed and higher stroke efficiency. [Flippers use your muscles in a more jerky way. You can feel this as the pulsing water surges past your ears.]

Correct timing: freestyle, backstroke & butterfly

They train the correct muscles for swimming freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Most importantly, they activate the correct muscles at the right time throughout your kick. This is how they improve your kick technique and power. [Flippers use different muscles and different timing. You can feel this in the kick degradation of your freestyle, backstroke and butterfly strokes.]

Muscle memory

It’s fascinating how your body remembers your better swim style even after you take these fins off. You notice the new fin kick pattern automatically imprints on your muscle memory. You can speed up your long term muscle memory imprinting by swimming a bit more just after you take them off. This explains why good swimmers feel these are the best fins for matching their normal swim styles without fins. They notice little or no stroke adjustment when switching between swimming with and without these fins. New and improving swimmers are amazed how much better their swimming style becomes. [When good swimmers take off flippers, they need to swim a few hundred metres to get back to their normal kick biomechanics.]

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