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Fins give powerful kick from hips

Do fins give you a powerful kick from your hips?

Leg fins give a powerful kick from your hips, similar to good barefoot swimming . They encourage less knee-bend. So your knees are higher in the water. These fins guide you into a powerful kick from your hips even if you don’t yet know how to do that. They also strengthen the correct muscles to power your kick.

Regular foot fins make you kick from your knees, not from your hips. This is not the proper way to kick. When you kick from your knees, your thighs slope down in the water and cause drag. You also feel the strain from using your calf muscles too much. Watch people swimming with foot flippers to see how they make you drop your thighs too low, and kick from your knees rather than your hips. That is the style of kick that foot flippers require to work but it is not like good barefoot swimming.

In fact, these problems are also common if you are learning to swim with or without wearing foot flippers. Often, it is very difficult to kick from your hips. No matter how hard you try, you can’t manage it for very long. It is difficult to get rid of bad habits, sinking your thighs and knees too low in the water and kicking from your knees. Foot flippers can really make this problem much worse. If you have used them, they may even have caused your bad habits in the first place.

Leg fins overcome these problems because they attach to your legs. So they lift and straighten your knees. Then you feel the powerful kick from your hips driving your body more horizontally. They teach you how to kick from your hips even if you don’t already know how to do this. And when you take them off, your body remembers this hip powered kick. These fins train and strengthen you for a powerful kick from your hips. This is the correct way to swim freestyle, backstroke and fly.

Now you can have fins that give you extra speed and guide and strengthen a powerful kick from your hips!

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