All fin FAQ

shinfinTM fins are a revolutionary fin design fitting on your legs, so they are very different to regular foot fins. Prospective customers ask the following types of questions to understand why these fins are so different from regular foot fins and to learn about the many shinfinTM benefits. So I trust these FAQ will help you too.

These FAQ are grouped by the main shinfinTM benefits: adjustable, comfortable, feet free, strong & light, best swim style, hip power and smooth swimming. Please contact me if you need have any more questions. I am here to help.

Adjustable Fins FAQ

How shinfinTM fins adjust to fit most people.

Which fins fit small feet & narrow feet?

Which fins fit large feet & wide feet?

Which fins fit thin legs & narrow calves?

Which fins fit large legs & broad calves?

Which fins fit small people & short legs?

Which fins fit tall people & long legs?

Which fins keep fitting growing children up to adult size?

Which fins fit with wetsuit & without?

Which fins to share with family & friends?

Comfortable Fins FAQ

Why shinfinTM fins are so comfortable.

Which are the most comfortable fins?

Which fins avoid toe cramps, pain & blisters & don’t hurt bunions?

Which fins avoid sore feet, pain & arch cramps & don’t hurt feet?

Which fins avoid ankle strain, pain & injury & don’t hurt ankles?

Which fins avoid Achilles tendon pain & don’t hurt Achilles?

Which fins reduce calf cramps & painful muscle strain & don’t hurt calves?

Which fins reduce knee pain & don’t hurt knee joints?

Which fins reduce back pain & don’t hurt lower back?

Feet Free Fins FAQ

Freedom for feet with shinfinTM fins.

Which fins to walk easier & safer?

Which fins to swim naturally & move easily?

Which fins to dive in easier & safer?

Which fins to flip turn & push off from pool wall?

Which fins to stand, kneel & drop-knee on boards?

Which fins to climb boat ladders & pool steps?

Strong Light Fins FAQ

Enjoy light and tough shinfinTM fins.

Which are lightweight fins & easier to kick?

Which secure fins stay on in waves & don’t fall off?

Which fins are easy to pack & stack neatly?

Which strong fins last many years & don’t break?

Best Swim Style Fins FAQ

Why shinfinTM fins give the best swim style.

Which fins lift body horizontal & streamlined?

Which fins give streamlined kick?

Which fins match kick direction?

Which fins allow supple ankles & relaxed feet?

Which fins balance stroke between arms & legs?

Hip Power Fins FAQ

Why shinfinTM fins power from your hips.

Which fins give powerful kick from hips?

Which fins work large muscles in thighs, buttocks, stomach & torso?

Which fins give constant speed during each stroke?

Which fins give correct kick timing for freestyle, backstroke & fly?

Which fins imprint correct kicks on muscle memory?

Smooth Fins FAQ

Why shinfinTM fins streamline your kick.

Which fins lift knees & straighten kick?

Which fins lift thighs horizontal & streamlined?

Which fins lift hips & straighten kick?

Which fins streamline whole body to swim faster?

Which fins give smooth thrust throughout kick?