Fins to climb boat ladders & pool steps

Which fins to climb boat ladders & pool steps?

shinfinTM fins leave your feet free for an easy climb up and down boat ladders, pool steps and pool ladders. It feels very similar to going up and down ladders and steps in bare feet.

When wearing regular foot fins, it is often very slippy and dangerous climbing up and down ladders and steps. You need to do this at the pool, the sea and when climbing on and off boats. So some people have to put their foot fins on in the water, and take them off in the water too. This is difficult and can be dangerous. Doing this next to a boat in choppy water can be very dangerous. There is also a danger that you may drop your fins and loose them when they sink down into the depths of the water.

shinfinTM fins can be put on before you climb in. You can take them off after you climb out. This is much easier and safer in the pool and in the sea. It is especially convenient and safer when you are snorkeling or scuba diving from a boat bouncing around in the waves. Generally, it is much safer to keep these fins on when you climb up and down boat ladders and pool steps. By keeping them on, you also avoid loosing these fins in the water.

Overall, shinfinTM fins make it much easier and safer to climb up and down boat ladders and pool steps.

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