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With monofin

Wear shinfin™ fins with a monofin for faster fin swimming. New option to increase speed and endurance for fin swimming sport.

Want faster monofin fin swimming?

+ shinfin™ fins with monofin.
+ Increase speed & endurance.
+ Blades overlap & stay together.
+ Blades overlap monofin down kick.
+ One continuous down kick surface.
+ Blades flex from monofin up kick.
+ Two parallel power surfaces.
+ More thighs, buttocks & torso power.
+ Less strain to feet, ankles & calves.
+ Turbocharge your monofin.

Your ideal gear for fin swimming?

Are you interested in extra fins you can wear with your monofin to increase swimming speed? Are you looking for more power for your fin swimming sport? The blade surface of shinfin™ fins blends smoothly with your monofin to give you a longer, streamlined power surface. So you can wear all three fins for extra power and speed.

Monofins use similar muscles a foot flipper dolphin kick. So, as with foot flippers, a monofin can strain your feet, ankles and calf muscles. Adding shinfin™ fins to your monofin can reduce this strain because they spread more power to larger muscles in your thighs, buttocks and torso.

Add power to your monofin

  • adding shinfin™ fins to a monofin lengthens the overall fin surface
  • the longer combined surface is available for more power and speed
  • the inner edges of the shinfin™ fins neatly overlap each other, without interference

Fin flex matches monofin angles

  • the shinfin™ leg fin tips stay together throughout the forward and backward kick cycle
  • the shinfin™ leg fin tips press against the monofin on your forward kick
  • this gives a longer continuous blade area during your forward kick
  • the shinfin™ fins flex away from your leg on your backward kick, in a similar direction to the monofin
  • this gives two separate blade areas during your backward kick

More power for fin swimming sport

  • wear shinfin™ fins with your monofin for faster training and racing
  • shinfin™ fins spread more power to larger muscles in your thighs, buttocks and torso
  • shinfin™ fins reduce strain in your feet, ankles and calf muscles