New Swim Fins

shinfin: swimming training kick
New swim fins

Swim Fins on Legs

Revolutionary new swim fins. Many benefits. Exciting alternative to foot flippers. Multiuse for most water activities. Ideal for disabilities too.

Use instead of foot flippers. Avoid foot flipper problems.

More fun in the water. Take the plunge and evolve!

How fins should be!

  • not on your feet
  • feet free to walk & swim
  • adjustable, one size fit
  • comfortable, avoid cramps
  • light & tough
  • best swim style
  • hip power from strong muscles
  • natural streamlined swimming
  • for freestyle, backstroke & fly

Streamlined kick

Designed for a natural streamlined kick like good swimmers use for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. So if you don’t already do a streamlined kick, these swim fins will teach you. Some customers use them for breaststroke or “frog-kick” but they are not specifically designed for this.

They encourage kicking from your hips with only a little knee-bend. Foot flippers need much more knee-bend, so they increase strain and cramps.

How fins work

shinfin™ leg fins up and down kick power
shinfin™ leg fins up and down kick power
  • strap securely above ankle
  • comfortable & flexible fit on leg
  • fin from middle of shin to toes
  • feet & ankles free to walk
  • dive & swim naturally
  • down-kick: fin lies along shin
  • up-kick: fin flexes from shin
  • kick from hips, less knee-bend
  • good streamlined swim kick
  • big muscle power, thighs, torso
  • horizontal body, less drag

Thank you for reading about these exciting new swim fins. I encourage you to explore this site further using the site guide. Please contact me if you have any questions at all. I am here to help.

Cheers, Marc Lee (Inventor & Designer)