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Above knee amputation (AKA) fins reviews

These reviews show some of the many helpful benefits that shinfin™ fins give to above knee amputees (AKA). These highly adjustable fins flex to match the shape of your AKA stumps and the straps adjust to fit around your AKA stumps. Please also read the main AKA fins article.

  • Quad amputee snorkeling & surfboard fins

    Dawn, a quad amputee, felt like a mermaid wearing her shinfinTM fins on her legs for snorkeling, and also on her arms for paddling her surfboard. Dawn has one leg amputated just below the knee and the other leg amputated just above the knee. Her arms are amputated just below her elbows. When she wears the shinfinTM fins on her arms, she wears them on the underside of her arms with the fin tips pointing away from her shoulders. The fins can fit in all these different positions on Dawn’s arms and legs because the fins are made from flexible polyurethane and the rubber straps are highly adjustable.

    Cindy’s/Dawn’s review from Florida, USA

    “Cindy: I am so excited to find your invention. I have a girlfriend, Dawn, who was a very active athlete before losing all 4 limbs to amputation. Her legs were amputed one just below the knee and one just above the knee. Her arms are amputated just below the elbow. I wanted to let you know that she liked your fins. She wore them on her arms and was able to paddle on a surfboard as well as turn the board around (which she couldn’t do without the fins). She also wore the fins on her legs, and they worked pretty good to give her some additional propulsion.”

    “Dawn: Thanks for creating the fins. I felt like a mermaid :)!”

    Quad amputee with shinfin™ fins on arms paddling on surfboard: front view
    Quad amputee with shinfinTM fins on arms paddling on surfboard: front view
  • Through knee amputee: neoprene sleeve under fin

    Jane is a through knee amputee who finds it best to wear a neoprene sleeve on her shortened leg and strap her shinfinTM fin over that. This reduces her issues with scar and nerve irritation. She prefers just wearing the one fin on her shortened leg. However, many other above knee amputees and below knee amputees also like to wear their other shinfinTM fin on the shin of their full leg. Most importantly, the fins adjust to fit at all these positions.

    Jane’s review from Wilton, USA

    “Your suggestion to use a neoprene sleeve has worked well to reduce any issues with scar irritation. Thanks for your idea. They helped me to continue to enjoy swimming. I found using just the one fin on my shortened leg (I’m a through knee amputee) did the trick. Love being back in water again.”

  • Endless pool, snorkeling & scuba: above knee amputee fin

    Daily over four years, Ian, an above knee amputee, uses his shinfinTM fin exercise swimming against his endless pool jet, and for snorkeling and scuba diving. Above all, Ian finds his shinfinTM fin is one of the best exercise aids for stopping his stump from atrophying. His amputation is four inches above knee. He adjusts the shinfinTM fin to fit on his prosthesis and also on his stump. Certainly, just wearing one fin like this, strengthens his muscles and gives him really good balance in the water. However, many above knee amputees (and below knee amputees) wear another shinfinTM fin on their full leg.

    Ian’s review from Manhattan Beach, USA & Waiuku, New Zealand

    “I am an above knee amputee. I have been using your swim fin for muscle strengthening whilst swimming on my prosthesis. Not only has the fin been fantastic, but I am only just now replacing the rubber strap, after four years of daily use! I also just fit it to my stump, which works really well. I have an Endless Pool, so swim against the jet, and seem to stay balanced really well. In fact, the fin is almost too good! One of my best aids to stop the stump from atrophying, as I use a vacuum socket. I really like your fin. Apart from an exercise aid, I also take it with me when I go scuba diving or snorkeling too. Thank you for a great product.”

  • Below knee transtibial amputation fins

    Brian has a below knee (transtibial) amputation and shinfinTM fins have worked great for his fitness swimming for many years. He wears one fin in the standard position on his full leg and the other fin on the thigh of his amputated leg (similarly to an above knee amputee). However, please note that most transtibial amputees fit the fin below their knee, if their stump is long enough, because the knee joint improves control of the fin. So the fins give him balanced propulsion and help keep his legs horizontal. They also strengthen his thighs and lower back. Most importantly, this strengthening also helps his walking with a prosthesis. As a prosthetist, Brian has recommended them to many of his patients over the years, as an invaluable aid for transtibial amputees.

    Brian’s review from Victoria, Canada

    “They work great! I got them for fitness training when I was on the Canadian Paralympic Sailing Team. We swim for an hour, three times a week. I use them for freestyle, backstroke, flutter board and breaststroke; I do the breaststroke with a flutter kick. The shinfinTM fins provide propulsion on my amputated side. They also help to get my legs horizontal in the water. Plus provide resistance to strengthen my thighs and low back. Which helps the biomechanics of walking with a prosthesis. shinfinTM fins are an invaluable aid for transtibial amputees. Keep up the good work!”

  • Stuff you need to know before or after leg amputation

    Bill shares his overall story to help amputees learn what they need to know before or after their leg amputation. His recreational therapy section discusses his swimming with shinfinTM fins, which he expands upon in swimming with fins after amputation. Bill’s story encourages above knee amputees, below knee amputees and foot amputees to (re)learn how to swim after amputation.

    Bill’s review from O’Fallon, USA

    “I learned that swimming helped me regain my strength and endurance. I use a shinfinTM fin on my remnant leg and also on my good leg to give me speed and a good workout. The shinfinTM fins can also be used for BKAs. Using the shinfinTM fin on my remnant leg strengthened and helped remove the excess fluids. I also wear my liner for comfort and it gives the shinfinTM fin more grip to stay on.”

  • Swimming with fins after amputation

    Swimming with shinfinTM fins was one of Bill’s first steps in his return to physical and emotional health, after his above knee amputation. Wearing one fin on his thigh stump and one fin on the shin of his other leg, they give him a natural swim kick with smooth stroke balance. He prefers wearing the fins without his prosthetic leg but they can be worn on a prosthetic leg too. He also notes that they can be worn by below knee amputees (also foot amputees). Bill’s expanded story is Stuff you need to know before or after leg amputation.

    Bill’s review from O’Fallon, USA

    “shinfinTM fins are the perfect choice for amputees because they attach to your legs instead of your feet. This provides many benefits such as a natural swim kick.”

  • Above knee amputee: snorkeling with prosthetic leg fins

    Shaun is an above knee amputee who snorkels wearing a pair of shinfinTM fins, one fin on his prosthetic leg and the other fin on his shin. He is very happy with them, especially because of the easier water entry, water exit and streamlined kicking propulsion technique. Also, he highly values that the fins are light and compact enough to fit into his small carry-on backpack, for ultralight traveling. His story is very useful for above knee amputees and below knee amputees swimming with waterproof prosthetic legs, for snorkeling and other water activities too.

    Shaun’s review from Redondo Beach, USA

    “The shinfinTM fins worked great for me and had a ton of benefits. Overall I couldn’t be happier.”