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Through knee amputee: neoprene sleeve under fin

Jane is a through knee amputee who finds it best to wear a neoprene sleeve on her shortened leg and strap her shinfinTM fin over that. This reduces her issues with scar and nerve irritation. She prefers just wearing the one fin on her shortened leg. However, many other above knee amputees and below knee amputees also like to wear their other shinfinTM fin on the shin of their full leg. Most importantly, the fins adjust to fit at all these positions.

Jane’s review from Wilton, USA

“Your suggestion to use a neoprene sleeve has worked well to reduce any issues with scar irritation. Thanks for your idea. They helped me to continue to enjoy swimming. I found using just the one fin on my shortened leg (I’m a through knee amputee) did the trick. Love being back in water again.”

Jane’s review: Through knee amputee wears fin over neoprene sleeve

“I just pulled up your web page while looking for a flipper for my through knee amputated leg. Your product sounds quite interesting. Any chance you sell single flippers?”

“I am a right leg through knee amputee so I would like to request longer straps please. I don’t know my leg diameter but I weigh approx 140 lbs & stand at 5′ 1″.”


Yes, you will probably need the longer strap to fit your thigh. We have many above and through knee amputees using shinfinTM fins around the world and we get great feedback. I recommend that you wear both fins for balance, one on your thigh and the other on your other leg, probably on your shin.

Our above knee amputee customers really benefit from the fins. Good hip movement helps and shinfinTM fins help to develop this too. You will probably find it best to fit it on the front of your thigh, but they can also be fitted on the back of your thigh. It depends on your hip flexibility and joint movements as to which is best for you. You can experiment with this, and also with the angle of the fins around your legs.


“I just purchased a set of fins and I’m looking for some input. My leg amputation left my full femur intact. But I find using the fin on top of my leg annoys my scars, nerves etc. at the end of my leg. I was wondering if you have thought of a way that a silicone sleeve could be used under a fin? The sleeve exterior is very slick and without something to either un-slick the surface, the rubber straps won’t stay in place.”

“I had thought to try Velcro straps but before I tinker with that approach I would like to check with you and your company. I wouldn’t think that this might be too unique with your customers and their variety of problems.”


I’m sorry to hear they are annoying your scars. Yes, a wet silicone sleeve would be slippy. So some above, through and below knee amputees wear their fins over a neoprene sleeve i.e. wetsuit material. The rubber straps are very grippy on skin and over wetsuit material too. So a modified set of wetsuit leggings, or even just a wetsuit sleeve over your thigh, might work for you too and also give you some extra padding over your scars. Please let me know what you think and how you go with this. I’d love to hear.


“Your suggestion to use a neoprene sleeve has worked well to reduce any issues with scar irritation. Thanks for your idea.”


I’m glad the neoprene sleeve worked well for you. So how are you going swimming with them? I’d love to hear. I’ll try to help you in whatever way I can to get the best from your fins.


“This is a long overdue follow-up message. When I was placing my order to buy your fin, I wondered if I could just get one as I’m fortunate to still have one of my two legs. The policy back then was that the fins were only sold in sets. I bought the set and tried using both but I found using just the one fin on my shortened leg (I’m a through knee amputee) did the trick. I am happy however to relate how the second fin has helped another swimmer.”

“I’m from the state of New Hampshire but my leg fellow works out of Massachusetts. On a long ago visit to his office, I mentioned your fins and how they helped me to continue to enjoy swimming. Since I found I didn’t really need/like using the fin on my full leg, I offered the second fin to him to loan out to other folks.”

“The fin ended up in the hands on one of the Boston Marathon bombing victims. The recipient was described to me as another one leg amputee who had always been very athletic and wasn’t willing to stop moving. The person was not identified but I was delighted your fin helped another to enjoy their sport. I’m told the fin eventually traveled to Costa Rica this winter with her on a vacation. While I don’t have any direct contact, I hear she really enjoyed your product. Another happy customer! Thanks again.”


Many thanks for your kind email Jane. What an interesting story. It sometimes feels a bit strange being the inventor of these new fins, sending them out into the big wide world and wondering where they end up! So it is fascinating to hear stories like this and makes it all the more worthwhile.

How do you feel the fin has helped you over the last couple of years? Has it improved your flexibility and strength? Has it had an impact on your overall mobility out of the water too? Why did you not really need/like using the fin on your full leg? I’d love to hear if you get a moment to email me please. And then perhaps I can offer a few suggestions.

Can I ask a favour please? Would you mind if I put some extracts from your emails on the web site? I like the way you have written and I think it would be useful for other people to read what you have said.


“Please feel free to use my wording. If it can help anyone else, that would be great!”


Thank you for your kind permission Jane. Personal recommendation is very important to help a new product like this along, so I really appreciate it.

Jane (9 years later)

“Where do you get the rubber straps used on shinfinTM fins? After 9 years my strap broke yesterday and I need to replace it. Thoughts please.”


Good to hear from you again. How have you been getting on with your fins? I’d love to hear please.

You can buy another pair of straps and we’ll send them out to you tomorrow. I’m sorry your strap broke. I hope you agree that you got a good life out of them. We blend the rubber to make them last as long as possible. But things like chlorine and UV do get to them over the years. Here is the page with the tips to get the longest life from them.


“I am doing well. Hopefully you too. I’ve been back swimming for several months once I was vaccinated. Love being back in water again. Other than drowning what can go wrong … sorry warped humor. What is the thickness used in your strap? I was hoping to find strapping material in my neck of the woods for time’s sake.”


Warped humor is required to survive in these times! If you order just now they will go out in the next pick-up. I tried many different straps and ended up designing and manufacturing straps specifically for the fin. I designed the straps specifically to match the fin buckles, around 2 mm thick, with ribs and a particular rubber composition to grip your legs properly etc. So I wouldn’t recommend trying to source different straps.


Some through and above knee amputees, and below knee amputees, prefer to wear their shinfinTM fins over a neoprene sleeve on their stump. This can help to reduce issues with scar and nerve irritation. A few amputees prefer to just wear the one fin on their stump. But most amputees also like to wear their other shinfinTM fin on the lower part of their full leg. Most importantly, the fins adjust to fit at all these positions and are more comfortable than foot flippers.

These other reviews show the fins being used by an above knee amputee snorkeling, by a below knee amptuee with a knee replacement and for rehabilitation with less pain.