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Adjustable fins reviews

Adjustable fins to fit you snugly!
Adjustable fins to fit you snugly!

Highly adjustable fit is a key benefit of shinfin™ fins, as shown in the customer reviews below. You will find them so adjustable because they fit on your legs, not on your feet. The fin centre flexes to match your leg shape. The straps adjust to go around your leg. This means your foot size doesn’t affect how they fit.

The one size fits you, whether you are short or tall, have little or long legs, narrow or broad calves. So they keep fitting growing children too. They even fit with and without a wetsuit.

Enjoy the customer adjustable fit reviews below. To learn more, please see the adjustable fins article and the adjustable fins FAQ. Learn about related fitting benefits in the comfortable fins article, the feet free fins article and the strong light fins article.

  • No bad foot cramps: snorkeling fins

    With her shinfinTM fins, Nan can snorkel again in comfort, without the bad foot cramps that regular foot fins give her. She finds it easy to kick with more power from her hips, to see the underwater beauty again. Because the fins are so adjustable, she could fit them at a range of heights on her legs. Initially, she fitted her fins too high. This made it harder for her to strap them on, as the regular straps were only just long enough to go around her calf. Fitting the fins lower, in the usual place with the straps crossing over just above the ankles, solves this.

    Nan’s review from East Wallingford, USA

    “I just really want to thank you for saving my vacation! Seriously, we’ve been going snorkeling on St. John for many years. In the last few, I’ve been getting bad foot cramps after being in the water a while. To the point of having to remove one or both fins and flailing my way back to shore. So I tried my new shinfinTM fins. Those fins were great! They didn’t take much getting used to, and your instructions to kick from the hip were easy to follow. So, thanks for inventing the shinfinTM fins! I wouldn’t have been able to see all the underwater beauty without them.”

  • National team freestyle training fins

    Yiannis’ daughter uses her shinfinTM fins for freestyle swim training and is a member of the National Swimming Team of Cyprus. They help her to train for better freestyle swimming because they encourage her to kick from her hips with a streamlined kick, keeping her body horizontal in the water. As shinfinTM fins are so adjustable, they fit her even though she is very tall and has very thin feet. This is because the fins flex to wrap around her leg and the straps adjust to secure the fins snugly above her ankles. In contrast, she found that no regular foot flippers fit.

    Yiannis’ review from Nicosia, Cyprus

    “The shinfinTM fins are the perfect solution for my daughter, gold medal at freestyle and member of Cyprus National Team. Because she is very tall and has very thin feet, none of the regular swim flippers were fitting! Now she uses shinfinTM fins everyday for training!! Thanks. I think you must advertise more this magic solution!!” 

    National swim team freestyle training with shinfinTM fins
  • Two fused ankles: lake & pool swimming fins

    With two fused ankles, Dave’s shinfinTM fins allow him to enjoy his pool and lake swimming again. Now, with the stronger kick from his fins, he swims freestyle faster. Furthermore, he can turn his head to breathe more easily. He also uses his fins to swim back crawl and breaststroke arms with a dolphin/butterfly kick. Like other people with fused ankles, Dave finds it more comfortable to adjust the position of his fins to be a little higher up his shin, so that the fin tips reach about the middle of his feet. Overall, he finds his shinfinTM fins to be well-designed, unique and valuable.

    Dave’s review from Baraboo, US

    “I have two fused ankles, and because I can’t point my feet parallel to my legs, my freestyle kick was very ineffective. Thanks to shinfinTM fins, I can swim freestyle enjoyably again! I’d forgotten how a strong kick is necessary for easily turning my head to breathe. Thank you for producing a unique and valuable product. I’m finding that if I pull them up just a little higher than the normal position, they work well. With freestyle and back crawl, the shinfinTM fins give me a big boost in speed. With breaststroke, I’ve figured out a sort of bent-knee dolphin kick that works adequately. Thank you for making a well-designed product.”

  • Feet disabilities: para-swim training fins

    Owen, with disabilities in both feet, has been para-swim training with his shinfinTM fins for about five years. They adjust to fit on his legs. He has been so successful, that he has reached number one UK rankings in his para-classification. These include 50 metres freestyle, 100 metres freestyle and 100 metres breastroke. He is also captain of the University of Nottingham swimming team and on the England Para-swimming Talent Development squad. Owen finds shinfinTM fins extremely helpful for improving his kick action because they lift his thighs and body horizontal. This gives him the best swimming style. Furthermore, he finds them extremely helpful for improving his leg strength because they encourage proper kick power from his hips.

    Owen’s review from Nottingham, UK

    “shinfinTM fins have been extremely helpful in helping improve my kick action and leg strength, letting me participate in sessions I previously wasn’t able to.”

    Mark (father): “So, thank you. The fins have been really effective and they allow Owen to train with able-bodied swimmers. We purchased two pairs of shinfinTM fins and Owen hasn’t looked back since. Now when kicking drills are ordered in training, he can match the able-bodied swimmers and the session is no longer an exercise in disheartening futility!”

    Champion para-swimmer wearing shinfin™ fins
    Champion para-swimmer wearing shinfinTM fins
  • Short stump propulsion below knee amputee fins

    Steve, a below knee amputee, definitely feels the extra propulsion from fitting one shinfinTM fin on his short 6 inch stump and the other fin on his other leg. This is because both fins combine to smooth his swimming stroke. They streamline his entire body and give him a smooth propulsion throughout his kick. They work so well that he finds he needs to tell his amputee friends, and others too.

    Steve’s review from Newhall, USA

    “My amputation is 6 inches below the knee. I could definitely feel the difference, mostly in the amount of additional propulsion. Yea, I really like these suckers. I try to promote them all the time. They work so well, I feel I need to let ohers know about them, especially my amputee friends. They are the bomb.”

  • Below knee amputee snorkeling: prosthetist recommends fins

    Don is a below knee amputee and his prosthetist recommended wearing shinfinTM fins on his prosthetic leg for snorkeling, which worked well for him. This is because shinfinTM fins are highly adjustable to fit comfortably on all sorts of prosthetic legs, from thin legs with narrow calves through to large legs with broad calves. He wears the other fin on his non-amputated leg in the normal position to give him a better kick.

    Don’s review from North Andover, USA

    “I am a below-knee amputee. Your product was recommended by my prosthetist. I strapped the right fin onto the prosthetic and it seemed to work well. So I imagine I could remove the prosthetic and strap the fin to my residual limb.”

  • Swimming with tumble turns & aqua aerobics fins

    Loving her shinfinTM fins, usually daily, for nine years and more, Gillian uses them for pool swimming with tumble turns and a tougher aqua aerobics workout too. It only took her a short while to become comfortable swimming, doing tumble turns and adjusting her fins without much strength in her hands. She “motors down the pool” with great swimming style doing freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke arms with butterfly legs. The fins guide her into a streamlined kicking technique from her hips. This review shows Gillian’s progression with her fins over her first few days and then at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 2 years, 5 years and 9 years. shinfinTM fins are strong and long-lasting!

    Gillian’s review from Blakeview, Australia

    “I found them terrific for backstroke. Wow! I swim from the hips anyway, so had no problems adjusting to this type of swimming. Foot flippers always made my shins, ankles and knees ache. My program consists of 50m freestyle, 50m reverse fly kick, 50m fly with breaststroke arms, 50m backstroke, repeated until I run out of time. Generally between 1000m and 1600m. I feel as though I am “motoring” down the pool. I can now do tumble turns at both ends of the pool. Using them to keep me mobile. Love the fins. I’ve shown them to a lot of people at the pool, usually the older generation, like me. I’m happy that my fins have outlasted five pairs of foot flippers. Two years of discomfort before foot flippers snap across the middle!”

  • Tidal pools & council pools: comfortable lap swimming fins

    Leanne loves her shinfinTM fins for lap swimming in tidal ocean pools and council pools. She finds them comfortable to wear whenever she swims because they give her the best swim styles. They are comfortable because they flex to fit her legs and the straps are adjustable to suit most leg sizes and shapes. They give many benefits over foot flippers, which she cannot wear.

    Leanne’s review from Central Coast, Australia

    “I love my shinfinTM fins. I was unable to wear flippers so now I wear shinfinTM fins every time I go swimming. They are comfortable. I do lap swimming in a tidal pool or I use local council pools. I average 10 kilometres a week.”

  • Double below knee amputee: front & back swimming fins

    For over five years, shinfinTM fins have helped Alison, a double below knee amputee, to build her confidence swimming on her front and back, in ways she never imagined. The fins are so adjustable and flexible to fit her thin, skinny lower legs without rotating or slipping. Made from strong polyurethane, the fins are tough enough to bend when she pushes off from the pool wall with her leg stumps. She uses the fins to help strengthen her muscles in the lower half of her body. With the fins, she can even swim legs only, without using her arms. She used them to build her confidence to do a one mile open water swim.

    Alison says that shinfin™ fins have not only helped her to gain the confidence to swim on her own, but they have also helped her life in so many other ways. They have improved her physical appearance and overall confidence. They have helped her to strengthen muscles all over her body, including her knees. So her walking is straighter and she can even run up stairs!

    Alison’s review from High Wycome, UK

    “Thank you for all your help and thank you for getting me back into something I love. The shinfinTM fins are the best purchase I have ever made. It’s the first time I have ever been able to swim without using my arms. They have helped to build my confidence in ways I never imagined. I have used them both for on my front and back. I’m finding it perfect with what they’re designed for. There are not enough words to explain how thankful I am and I can’t wait to get more people ordering them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    And 5 years later:

    “I just wanted to say, your shinfinTM fins have really helped change my life! I’m currently training for a mile swim in London and your shinfinTM fins with be there with me! If I didn’t have them, I don’t think I’d have the confidence to do an open water swim. Thank you once again! So due to shinfinTM fins, I now have the confidence to swim on my own. I also have more confidence in day to day life. I can run up the stairs! My knees are stronger. They used to knock together but now I walk straighter.

    “My overall physical appearance is a lot better. They really have helped to build muscle all over my body. I don’t get as sick and run down like I used too. Also, I’m a lot more confident talking to people. People always ask about the shinfinTM fins at the pool and rather than shying away I talk to them! shinfinTM fins have helped change my whole life. I feel like the confident young lady that I was always meant to be. Thank you. Best wishes.”

  • Osteonecrosis aquatic therapy exercise fins

    Martin benefits from shinfinTM fins for standing and walking leg exercise work-outs, as part of his aquatic therapy for osteonecrosis (avascular necrosis, bone infarction). So he uses them as recommended by his physiotherapist. He opens and closes his hips and strengthens his legs by swinging them forward, backward and sideways. Furthermore, for sideways kicking, he adjusts the fins around to the sides of his legs. He also finds the extra speed and straighter legs of shinfinTM fins for freestyle kicks more psychologically rewarding.

    Martin’s review from Hong Kong

    “The shinfinTM product has been working well for me. Also using it for aquatic therapy. Doing exercises standing in the pool with the fins, gives more resistance and more of a work-out for strengthening. Most of the exercises have been about swinging the legs forward, backward, sideways, and doing opening and closing of the hip.”