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Fins to flip turn & push off from pool wall

Do fins let you flip turn & push off from pool wall?

Leg fins leave your feet free for flip turns (tumble turns) and for wall turns too. So they are good fins for doing laps in the pool.

Regular foot fins mess up your turns. In particular, they make it difficult to get your feet in the correct position to push off properly from the wall. Using foot fins can give you bad turning habits for your normal swimming too. They cause problems with flip turns and wall turns. Sometimes the water suction holds the foot fin on the wall and this suction can even pull the fin off your foot.

Leg fins avoid these turning problems because they leave your feet free. They have no foot pockets. So the entire soles of your feet can make contact with the wall for a proper push-off. You can push off the wall the same as you do without fins. So they don’t give you bad turning habits. They don’t suction onto the wall like foot flippers.

For flip turns (tumble turns), go into the turn a little bit harder. Keep your knees straight until the fins lift out of the water. This can be a training benefit. Complete the flip turn by pushing off from the wall with your feet as normal.

For wall turns, bring your knees up and forward as you come to the wall. Then push off from the wall with your feet as normal.

Now you can wear fins for pool swimming and flip turn or wall turn normally!

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