Fins safer to dive into water

Do fins let me dive safer into water?

Yes, shinfin™ leg fins leave your feet free, so you can dive safer and easier into the water. It’s very similar to diving into the water barefoot, with no fins.

Wearing regular foot fins, people find it difficult and more dangerous diving into the water. The tips of the fins stick out and can trip you up. There is a danger of slipping and hurting yourself. The foot fins don’t grip the ground for a proper dive. You can’t curl your toes around the pool edge for a proper, safe dive. Now you can get rid of these foot fin dangers.

shinfin™ leg fins avoid these problems. They let you dive easier and safer. Firstly, you can walk safely to the water’s edge. You grip the ground with the entire soles of your feet. Then you curl your toes around the edge. Then you can dive in easier and safer.

Now you can wear fins and dive safer and easier into the water!

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