Adjustable fins reviews

Adjustable fins to fit you snugly!
Adjustable fins to fit you snugly!

Highly adjustable fit is a key benefit of shinfin™ fins, as shown in the customer reviews below. You will find them so adjustable because they fit on your legs, not on your feet. The fin centre flexes to match your leg shape. The straps adjust to go around your leg. This means your foot size doesn’t affect how they fit.

The one size fits you, whether you are short or tall, have little or long legs, narrow or broad calves. So they keep fitting growing children too. They even fit with and without a wetsuit.

Enjoy the customer adjustable fit reviews below. To learn more, please see the adjustable fins article and the adjustable fins FAQ. Learn about related fitting benefits in the comfortable fins article, the feet free fins article and the strong light fins article.

  • Light & indestructible kickboard workout fins

    For over 9 years, Seth has used his shinfinTM fins regularly, including kickboard workouts on his front and back, finding them light weight and indestructible. The high fin fitting adjustability range is a further benefit. Fitting the fins lower down gives a more powerful workout but not so low that they rub.

    Seth’s review from Mount Pleasant, USA

    “I am using my shinfinTM fins about 2 or 3 times a week. The material has held up well and I like that they are light so they are easy to carry. I like the color too. Fellow swimmers ask me about my shinfinTM fins all the time.”

    And 9 years later – The fins are indestructible; the straps need occasional replacement. I like their weight. I use them as a swim workout tool for about 30 minutes with the kickboard, on my front and back. And for a few laps I swim underwater. Thanks for the great product, I really enjoy them.”

  • Below knee amputee swimming with his kids again: pool fins

    Instead of swimming in circles, shinfinTM fins allow Paul, a below knee amputee, to enjoy playing with his kids in the pool again. He wears two shinfinTM fins, one on the stump of his below knee amputation, and the other fin in the normal position on his other leg. The fins have a very flexible size and are highly adjustable. So they can be strapped at different heights on each leg as required. Using both fins like this, is what gives Paul back his swimming control and freedom in the water.

    Paul’s review from Tainan City, Taiwan

    “I am a BK amputee and haven’t been able to swim properly since my amputation 2 years ago. Swimming in circles is really frustrating! Instant freedom! The fins were amazing, I’m really impressed. They are easy to put on and really help me swim and play with my kids in the pool. I’m already recommending the fins to my mates. Once again thanks for an excellent product.”

  • Osseointegration below knee amputations: snorkeling fins

    Jeff has transformed his snorkeling with shinfinTM fins strapped to his variation of osseointegration prosthetic legs for his bilateral below knee amputations. He kicks using his upper leg muscles with a straighter knee. So the fins really help him to get more horizontal on the water. Furthermore, this minimises drag and gives him smoother, more efficient snorkeling.

    He loves shinfinTM fins as they are. In addition, he is considering ways of lowering drag and increasing thrust still further. This includes adding flotation to his osseointegration feet, as they are rather heavy and tend to sink. It also involves experimenting with strapping the fins at different heights to counter the drag from the fixed ankles of his osseointegration feet. Customers with fused ankles also optimise the height of the fins on their legs, for the same reason.

    Jeff’s review from Denver, USA

    “shinfinTM fins have transformed my ability to snorkel. We used them every day on our vacation. What I noticed the most is that they really helped get me horizontal on the water. Love them as is.”

  • Through knee amputee: neoprene sleeve under fin

    Jane is a through knee amputee who finds it best to wear a neoprene sleeve on her shortened leg and strap her shinfinTM fin over that. This reduces her issues with scar and nerve irritation. She prefers just wearing the one fin on her shortened leg. However, many other above knee amputees and below knee amputees also like to wear their other shinfinTM fin on the shin of their full leg. Most importantly, the fins adjust to fit at all these positions.

    Jane’s review from Wilton, USA

    “Your suggestion to use a neoprene sleeve has worked well to reduce any issues with scar irritation. Thanks for your idea. They helped me to continue to enjoy swimming. I found using just the one fin on my shortened leg (I’m a through knee amputee) did the trick. Love being back in water again.”

  • After knee replacement: physical therapy fins

    Chris finds her shinfinTM fins very comfortable and beneficial for physical therapy after her total knee replacement. In fact, she wishes she had also used them for aquatic therapy exercises before her surgery, to strengthen her hips, quads and glutes. What’s more, they lift her legs higher in the water and give her a stronger freestyle kick, so she swims faster.

    Chris’ review from Springfield, USA

    “For me the shinfinTM fins are so much more comfortable than the slip on foot fins I was using. In physical therapy, before and also after total knee joint replacement, the therapists stress hip strengthening exercises. So I’m glad I’m using shinfinTM fins now because I feel like your hips get a good workout with them. I’m not a really good swimmer but I notice since I’ve used the shinfinTM fins that I have a much stronger kick in the freestyle. These fins also keep my legs higher in the water. I seem to go a whole bunch faster. Thanks for a great pair of fins!”

  • Bilateral fused ankles & chronic lower limb pain swim fins

    Matthew, a physiotherapist, finds shinfinTM fins a fantastic help for his client with bilateral fused ankles and bilateral chronic lower limb pain. Because they are so adjustable, his client fits them more comfortably higher up his shin to suit his fused ankles. Because the fins encourage smooth horizontal swimming, they also reduce his chronic lower limb pain. Hence his client increases his physical fitness a lot faster with shinfinTM fins. So he achieves a lot more from his swimming.

    Matthew’s review from Christchurch, New Zealand

    “Thanks for such a fantastic product. I got these for a client of mine who has fused ankles bilaterally, as well as chronic lower limb pain bilaterally. He has found them very good. We are using them attached quite high up the shin, because he found this the best place to avoid discomfort at the ankle. They have allowed him to increase his physical fitness a lot faster and he feels he is achieving a lot more.”

  • Both ankles fused: easy to walk snorkeling fins

    With both ankles fused, Gary finds shinfinTM fins fantastic, giving extra propulsion for snorkeling plus easy to walk in. Because they strap above his ankles, they reduce his fused ankle foot drag by directing water flow over the tops of his feet. Their adjustable fit means he can position them to suit his fused ankles, so they stay securely in place.

    Gary’s review from Minneapolis, USA

    “They worked fantastic!!! Perfect thing for someone who has both feet fused. Easy to walk in, stay in place and is a big difference to not wearing any. You need to add more information on your website as to the benefits for fused ankles. Great idea and invention!!! As an engineer, I was thinking of ideas and when I saw these I knew you nailed it.”

  • Pool, snorkel & dive: transtibial amputee fins

    Mike, a transtibial (below knee) amputee, loves his shinfinTM fins, starting with pool laps then open water swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Most important, to optimise water balance he wears one fin on his stump and the other on his full leg. Furthermore, he loves the fact that he can adjust the fin heights and angles on his legs. So he can experiment to get the most comfortable fin placements.

    Mike’s review from Homestead, USA

    “I love the fins! It is so nice not swimming in left hand circles:) No really, I am so happy with the shinfinTM fins and I love being back in the water. I love being able to do laps in the pool and getting ready for open water soon. Thanks for the fins! A happy shinfinTM fins owner.”

  • Endless pool, snorkeling & scuba: above knee amputee fin

    Daily over four years, Ian, an above knee amputee, uses his shinfinTM fin exercise swimming against his endless pool jet, and for snorkeling and scuba diving. Above all, Ian finds his shinfinTM fin is one of the best exercise aids for stopping his stump from atrophying. His amputation is four inches above knee. He adjusts the shinfinTM fin to fit on his prosthesis and also on his stump. Certainly, just wearing one fin like this, strengthens his muscles and gives him really good balance in the water. However, many above knee amputees (and below knee amputees) wear another shinfinTM fin on their full leg.

    Ian’s review from Manhattan Beach, USA & Waiuku, New Zealand

    “I am an above knee amputee. I have been using your swim fin for muscle strengthening whilst swimming on my prosthesis. Not only has the fin been fantastic, but I am only just now replacing the rubber strap, after four years of daily use! I also just fit it to my stump, which works really well. I have an Endless Pool, so swim against the jet, and seem to stay balanced really well. In fact, the fin is almost too good! One of my best aids to stop the stump from atrophying, as I use a vacuum socket. I really like your fin. Apart from an exercise aid, I also take it with me when I go scuba diving or snorkeling too. Thank you for a great product.”

  • Bilateral below knee amputee prostheses fins

    Peter, a custom prosthetics manufacturer, strapped shinfinTM fins to the prostheses they made for a bilateral below knee amputee. This works because the fins adjust and flex to fit prostheses, just like they fit thin legs and large legs. Firstly, the client trialled shinfinTM fins strapped on prosthetic test sockets and he was very pleased with the results. So then they made his definitive prosthetic sockets and strapped the fins on them. He was so happy swimming in the pool and ocean with those, that he ordered a spare set of shinfinTM fins. Alternatively, please note that you can also strap shinfinTM fins directly onto your stump if it is long enough. So the choice is yours.

    Peter’s review from Broken Head, Australia

    “I have attached a photo of the completed prosthetic swim legs using the shinfinTM fins. The client is very happy with them and has asked us to order him a spare set.”