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Fins match kick direction

Do fins match your kick direction?

You can easily adjust leg fins to match the direction of your natural kick. So you can align these fins as you need to, to match your kick direction. Then you can keep your natural kick, as for normal swimming. You don’t have to change your kick action when you wear these fins.

Regular foot fins force you to unnaturally twist your legs and feet, just to kick in the direction the fins are facing. Otherwise the fins skid sideways in the water and feel unstable. Obviously, you can’t adjust foot flippers to a better position relative to your leg or foot. They are fixed on your foot. So foot flippers force you to change your kick direction just to match them. Many people are not happy with this.

Leg fins overcome these problems. You fit them around your leg at the angle that faces perpendicular to your kick direction. So you just experiment to find the best alignment. You will quickly get the best fin position that feels good with your kick. With your foot pointed, line up the fin tip centre with your second toenail and swim. If you kick pointing your toes more inwards, try aligning the fins with your third toenail. Or if you kick pointing your toes more outwards, try aligning the fins with your big toenail.

You can also fit leg fins a bit higher up your leg for an easier kick, or a bit lower down your leg for a harder kick.

Now you can have fins that match your kick direction and power. So you control your fins, they don’t control you!

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