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Bilateral fused ankles & chronic lower limb pain swim fins

Matthew, a physiotherapist, finds shinfinTM fins a fantastic help for his client with bilateral fused ankles and bilateral chronic lower limb pain. Because they are so adjustable, his client fits them more comfortably higher up his shin to suit his fused ankles. Because the fins encourage smooth horizontal swimming, they also reduce his chronic lower limb pain. Hence his client increases his physical fitness a lot faster with shinfinTM fins. So he achieves a lot more from his swimming.

Matthew’s review from Christchurch, New Zealand

“Thanks for such a fantastic product. I got these for a client of mine who has fused ankles bilaterally, as well as chronic lower limb pain bilaterally. He has found them very good. We are using them attached quite high up the shin, because he found this the best place to avoid discomfort at the ankle. They have allowed him to increase his physical fitness a lot faster and he feels he is achieving a lot more.”

Matthew’s review: Swim fins for bilateral fused ankles & chronic lower limb pain


Many thanks for your kind reply Matthew, that is wonderful to hear. Yes, the adaptability of the fin height and angle is a key benefit for many people with various physical conditions. Such as fused ankles, below knee amputations and above knee amputations etc. Through to people with movement control problems such as Cerebral Palsy and after strokes etc. Can I ask a favour please, would you mind if I put some extracts from your emails on the website?


“That’d be fine. Hope you have a great day. I’ll probably buy some more when I get an appropriate client again.”


Thank you for your kind permission Matthew and for recommending them as appropriate to your clients. Personal recommendation is very important to help a new product like this along, so I really appreciate it.


If you have fused ankles and/or chronic lower limb pain, bilateral or on one side, shinfinTM fins will really help you. You can fit them more comfortably higher up your shin to suit fused ankles because they are so adjustable. They reduce your lower limb pain because they encourage smooth horizontal swimming. So you can improve your physical fitness a lot faster with shinfinTM fins and achieve much more from your swimming.

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