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Both ankles fused: swimming & snorkeling fins

Like many people with fused ankles, Art was unable to swim or snorkel without his shinfinTM fins. This is because there is too much foot drag with both ankles fused at the usual 90 degrees standing position. However, because shinfinTM fins strap above his ankles, they direct water flow over the tops of his feet. Thus they reduce foot drag without straining his ankles or feet. Furthermore, they also reduce drag by lifting his legs horizontal and streamlining his body. Most importantly, shinfinTM fins give him the extra kick power from his hips needed for swimming and snorkeling.

Art’s review from Seven Hills, Australia

“I am really happy with the shinfinTM fins. I have had both of my ankles fused and was unable to swim. Having the shinfinTM fins enabled me to swim around and snorkel on the Barrier Reef off Cairns. This was a wonderful experience, once in a lifetime for me, and something that I couldn’t have done without the shinfinTM fins.”

“Thank you, they created the highlight of my holiday.”

Art’s review: Snorkeling fins for both ankles fused


Thank you for your kind email Art. That is great to hear how your fins allowed you to have such a wonderful time on the Barrier Reef. Can I ask a favour please, would you mind if I put some extracts from your emails on the website?


“I don’t have a problem with my comments going onto your website with only my first name and general area shown.”


Thank you for your kind permission Art. Personal recommendation is very important to help a new product like this along, so I really appreciate it. All the best and happy snorkeling.


shinfinTM fins allow many people with fused ankles to swim, snorkel and enjoy other water activities again. This especially applies to people with both ankles fused. This is because ankles fused at the usual 90 degrees standing position cause too much water drag to swim properly. However, by strapping above your ankles, shinfinTM fins direct water flow over the top of your feet. This reduces foot drag without straining your ankles or feet. What’s more, they further reduce drag by lifting your legs more horizontal and streamlining your body. Consequently, this also reduces back pain and reduces calf cramps.

Above all, they give you the extra kick power from your hips that you need for swimming and snorkeling etc. Further reviews illustrate shinfinTM fins for Masters Swimming with a fused ankle and snorkeling and workouts with fused and reconstructed ankles.