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Fused ankle fins reviews

  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia & fused ankles: fitness fins

    shinfinTM fins have given Annie 15 years of joyous fitness swimming, helping her cope with mobility issues fom severe arthritis, fibromyalgia and both ankles fused. This is because the fins lift her lower body horizontal to increase buoyancy and reduce drag. Most important for Annie, they improve her kick efficiency and help her to maintain leg strength. Plus, they achieve all this without aggravating her fused ankles and dodgy feet, because they strap above her ankles. Strong and durable, her first pair of fins still work and only look worn, after 15 years of regular use.

    Annie’s review from Castlemaine, Australia

    Both of my ankles are surgically fused due to severe arthritis. Having lost my natural kicking motion, I had to rely on a pull buoy to maintain lower body buoyancy and reduce drag. I immediately saw how they’d help me. With the fins, I’m able to produce an efficient kick and maintain some degree of leg strength, without upsetting my dodgy ankles and feet. I’m enormously grateful to you Marc. The fins have given me fifteen years of joyous swimming and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon!

  • Two fused ankles: lake & pool swimming fins

    With two fused ankles, Dave’s shinfinTM fins allow him to enjoy his pool and lake swimming again. Now, with the stronger kick from his fins, he swims freestyle faster. Furthermore, he can turn his head to breathe more easily. He also uses his fins to swim back crawl and breaststroke arms with a dolphin/butterfly kick. Like other people with fused ankles, Dave finds it more comfortable to adjust the position of his fins to be a little higher up his shin, so that the fin tips reach about the middle of his feet. Overall, he finds his shinfinTM fins to be well-designed, unique and valuable.

    Dave’s review from Baraboo, US

    “I have two fused ankles, and because I can’t point my feet parallel to my legs, my freestyle kick was very ineffective. Thanks to shinfinTM fins, I can swim freestyle enjoyably again! I’d forgotten how a strong kick is necessary for easily turning my head to breathe. Thank you for producing a unique and valuable product. I’m finding that if I pull them up just a little higher than the normal position, they work well. With freestyle and back crawl, the shinfinTM fins give me a big boost in speed. With breaststroke, I’ve figured out a sort of bent-knee dolphin kick that works adequately. Thank you for making a well-designed product.”

  • Osseointegration below knee amputations: snorkeling fins

    Jeff has transformed his snorkeling with shinfinTM fins strapped to his variation of osseointegration prosthetic legs for his bilateral below knee amputations. He kicks using his upper leg muscles with a straighter knee. So the fins really help him to get more horizontal on the water. Furthermore, this minimises drag and gives him smoother, more efficient snorkeling.

    He loves shinfinTM fins as they are. In addition, he is considering ways of lowering drag and increasing thrust still further. This includes adding flotation to his osseointegration feet, as they are rather heavy and tend to sink. It also involves experimenting with strapping the fins at different heights to counter the drag from the fixed ankles of his osseointegration feet. Customers with fused ankles also optimise the height of the fins on their legs, for the same reason.

    Jeff’s review from Denver, USA

    “shinfinTM fins have transformed my ability to snorkel. We used them every day on our vacation. What I noticed the most is that they really helped get me horizontal on the water. Love them as is.”

  • Bilateral fused ankles & chronic lower limb pain swim fins

    Matthew, a physiotherapist, finds shinfinTM fins a fantastic help for his client with bilateral fused ankles and bilateral chronic lower limb pain. Because they are so adjustable, his client fits them more comfortably higher up his shin to suit his fused ankles. Because the fins encourage smooth horizontal swimming, they also reduce his chronic lower limb pain. Hence his client increases his physical fitness a lot faster with shinfinTM fins. So he achieves a lot more from his swimming.

    Matthew’s review from Christchurch, New Zealand

    “Thanks for such a fantastic product. I got these for a client of mine who has fused ankles bilaterally, as well as chronic lower limb pain bilaterally. He has found them very good. We are using them attached quite high up the shin, because he found this the best place to avoid discomfort at the ankle. They have allowed him to increase his physical fitness a lot faster and he feels he is achieving a lot more.”

  • Both ankles fused: easy to walk snorkeling fins

    With both ankles fused, Gary finds shinfinTM fins fantastic, giving extra propulsion for snorkeling plus easy to walk in. Because they strap above his ankles, they reduce his fused ankle foot drag by directing water flow over the tops of his feet. Their adjustable fit means he can position them to suit his fused ankles, so they stay securely in place.

    Gary’s review from Minneapolis, USA

    “They worked fantastic!!! Perfect thing for someone who has both feet fused. Easy to walk in, stay in place and is a big difference to not wearing any. You need to add more information on your website as to the benefits for fused ankles. Great idea and invention!!! As an engineer, I was thinking of ideas and when I saw these I knew you nailed it.”

  • Both ankles fused: swimming & snorkeling fins

    Like many people with fused ankles, Art was unable to swim or snorkel without his shinfinTM fins. This is because there is too much foot drag with both ankles fused at the usual 90 degrees standing position. However, because shinfinTM fins strap above his ankles, they direct water flow over the tops of his feet. Thus they reduce foot drag without straining his ankles or feet. Furthermore, they also reduce drag by lifting his legs horizontal and streamlining his body. Most importantly, shinfinTM fins give him the extra kick power from his hips needed for swimming and snorkeling.

    Art’s review from Seven Hills, Australia

    “I am really happy with the shinfinTM fins. I have had both of my ankles fused and was unable to swim. Having the shinfinTM fins enabled me to swim around and snorkel on the Barrier Reef off Cairns. This was a wonderful experience, once in a lifetime for me, and something that I couldn’t have done without the shinfinTM fins.”

    “Thank you, they created the highlight of my holiday.”

  • Fused ankle Masters Swimming fins

    Darlene has a fused ankle with very little ankle flexibility and loves the power and speed of shinfinTM fins for her Masters club training, swimming about a mile a day. They work so comfortably for her because they strap to her legs above her ankles. So they don’t strain her fused ankle and the fins remain streamlined along her legs. Furthermore, she finds them great for working her thighs and hips because they guide her to kick from her hips. Understandably, she finds all regular foot fins impossible to use, having tried all kinds.

    Darlene’s review from The Woodlands, USA

    “I love the fins. They really are comfortable and help so much with power and speed. I have the fused ankle which makes it impossible to use a regular foot fin. But fused ankle or not, they are great for working your thighs and hips. I use them for Masters Swimming. I have a fused ankle with very little flexibility.”

  • Ankles fused & reconstructed: snorkeling & workout fins

    With his left ankle fused and his right ankle reconstructed, shinfinTM fins allow Felicia’s husband to snorkel and have swim workouts again. This is because shinfinTM fins strap above his ankles, so he can relax his ankles and feet. Furthermore, for extra protection, he can even wear the fins with his supportive ankle wetsuit boots. Needless to say, due to his ankle problems, he clearly cannot use standard flippers.

    Felicia’s review from Carringbah, Australia

    “My husband was extremely happy with them. For the first time ever since the plane crash, he was able to actually kick his legs and move forward in the water, without nearly sinking or hurting himself! They were great and he went snorkeling nearly every day while we were away. It was great that he could wear his supportive ankle wetsuit boots at the same time. They were also a good workout and helped him use some muscles that he previously had no way of accessing without the shinfinTM fins. Thank you for developing a product that helps my husband swim again. I couldn’t get the smile off his face!”

  • Fused ankles & Arthrogryposis clubbed feet fins

    With fused ankles and clubbed feet due to Arthrogryposis, Elise really enjoys her shinfinTM fins for fitness swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. She positions them on her legs to get the maximum benefits. In particular, they build her muscle mass so her legs and feet have much more strength and stamina. This is because they get power from her hips, using the larger muscles in her thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso. In addition, she wears them to walk safely to and from the water. All in contrast to normal flippers, which fall off her feet and are just not safe for her to wear.

    Elise’s review from Stanmore, Australia

    “Thank you shinfinTM. You have given me access to something that not only adds enjoyment to my swimming, snorkeling and diving but is helping to improve my overall health and well-being. It is actually helping me build muscle mass and making my legs and feet capable of doing much more in terms of strength and stamina. My ankles were surgically fused. I was born with Arthrogryposis which causes ‘clubbed feet’. So I have never been able to use normal flippers before. So I do need to offer my sincere thanks for making such a great product. I have recommended them to everyone who has asked ‘ooh where did you get those??’ Able bodied and not-so-able bodied people are jealous that I have a pair of flippers that not only look cool but they are so functional.”