Fins to walk easier & safer

Which fins to walk easier & safer?

shinfinTM fins are easy to walk in, and safer to walk too. Your feet are free to walk at the pool, at the beach and even over rocky shorelines.

With regular foot fins, it is hard and dangerous to walk. There is always the danger of the foot fins tripping you up or causing you to slip and hurt yourself. This applies to water activities in the pool, sea, lakes and rivers. Many people would prefer to walk to and from the water wearing their fins. But they can’t walk easily or safely wearing foot fins.

Wearing shinfinTM fins is similar to walking barefoot. They are not worn on your feet. These fins are flexible. They bend when your ankles bend. So they don’t interfere much with your walking. That is why it is easy to walk wearing these fins, even on wet poolsides and rocky shorelines. Water entry and exit is much easier and safer with these fins.

You can also wear shinfinTM fins with water shoes, if you would like to protect your feet. To minimize drag, water shoes should be streamlined and flexible so you can point your toes easily. It is best to wear lightweight, flexible water shoes designed for swimming and beach walking. Try to avoid water shoes with heavy soles and thick areas around the heels.

Finally, fins that are easy to walk in and safer!

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