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Snorkeling fins reviews

  • Broken bone & torn ligament in foot: snorkeling fins

    Trishalana is very pleased that she can snorkel with her shinfinTM fins, even though she has a torn ligament and broken bone in her foot. This is because the fins strap comfortably above her ankles. So they don’t add extra pressure on her feet or cause her any foot pain like regular foot fins would. She can put on her fins in the water, and swim out and snorkel easily with them, even in choppy seas. Or she can put on her fins in the boat, and walk to exit the boat. Afterwards, she can climb up the boat ladder whilst still wearing her fins. shinfinTM fins are light and durable to make all this possible.

    Trishalana’s review from Kearneysville, USA

    “I am just returning from my Caribbean cruise where I snorkeled twice while away. The first time was straight off the beach. I was able to put them on in the water with little issue. I swam easily out, around and back in. It was smooth water. The second time was off a boat at a coral reef. I was able to put on the fins and exit the boat. The sea was very choppy but I had no trouble getting around and was able to climb the ladder back into the boat wearing them. I purchased these because I have a torn ligament and broken bone in my foot. These fins did not put any pressure on my foot or cause me any pain. I am very pleased with my experience and the ability it gave me to participate in the activity.”

  • No bad foot cramps: snorkeling fins

    With her shinfinTM fins, Nan can snorkel again in comfort, without the bad foot cramps that regular foot fins give her. She finds it easy to kick with more power from her hips, to see the underwater beauty again. Because the fins are so adjustable, she could fit them at a range of heights on her legs. Initially, she fitted her fins too high. This made it harder for her to strap them on, as the regular straps were only just long enough to go around her calf. Fitting the fins lower, in the usual place with the straps crossing over just above the ankles, solves this.

    Nan’s review from East Wallingford, USA

    “I just really want to thank you for saving my vacation! Seriously, we’ve been going snorkeling on St. John for many years. In the last few, I’ve been getting bad foot cramps after being in the water a while. To the point of having to remove one or both fins and flailing my way back to shore. So I tried my new shinfinTM fins. Those fins were great! They didn’t take much getting used to, and your instructions to kick from the hip were easy to follow. So, thanks for inventing the shinfinTM fins! I wouldn’t have been able to see all the underwater beauty without them.”

  • Snorkeling & scuba: below knee amputation fins

    Larry, a certified scuba diver with a below knee amputation, finds his shinfinTM fins great for snorkeling. He straps one fin over a silicone liner on his stump and the other fin in the usual position on his other leg. This is because the fins don’t need to be at the same height on each leg. His fins allow him to function even better in the water than he had hoped for. So this motivates him to train in the pool and get back into the ocean again.

    Larry’s review from Kansas, USA

    “This was our first cruise since my accident which resulted in a below the knee amputation of my left leg. I am PADI certified as a scuba diver and have come to love snorkeling with my wife. When we got to Cozumel we had a beach entry snorkeling trip set up and the fins worked great. I was able to function as well or better than I had hoped for. All in all I can’t thank you enough for a well thought out product at a very reasonable price. I will begin training in the pool and can’t wait to get back in the ocean.”

  • Broken ankle rehabilitation swimming & snorkeling fins

    After breaking her ankle, Betsy is so glad she had her shinfinTM fins for quick rehabilitation swimming, and then for swimming and snorkeling in Hawaii. Because they strap above her ankles, they don’t stress her ankle joint like regular foot flippers. The fins also allow her to recover from ankle replacement surgery, by minimising stress on her new ankle whilst allowing supple ankle movement. As an extra benefit, she found her shinfinTM fins take up less luggage room than regular snorkeling fins. This is because shinfinTM fins do not need a foot pocket, so they are flatter, stronger and lighter.

    Betsy’s review from Cincinnati, USA

    “I have used my shinfinTM fins on several trips to Hawaii, and couldn’t be happier. So glad I bought them! After I broke my ankle, I used the shinfinTM fins to help rehabilitate in my neighbor’s pool. And it was important for me to rehabilitate quickly, because I had a trip planned to visit my son in Hawaii – where I was able to walk, swim, and snorkel!”

    I’m so grateful that I found your website, and I think your product could be helpful for a lot of other people. An added benefit of shinfinTM fins is that they take up less room in my luggage than snorkel fins. Thanks again!”

  • Better kicking technique, faster snorkeling fins

    Andrew loves the better kick technique that shinfinTM fins give him for more efficient, faster snorkeling. This is because shinfinTM fins encourage him to kick with power from his hips and a smooth, streamlined technique. He found this new shinfinTM kick to be very different to his kick when snorkeling with his old foot fins.

    Andrew’s review from Melbourne, Australia

    “Loved the fins. Took a while to get used to them but once I was kicking differently they were surprisingly fast. Already they have proven their worth for reef snorkeling. I found I was much more efficient and faster since using the shinfinTM fins and the kicking technique was much better!”

  • Snorkeling, open water & surf swimming fins

    Corin loves her shinfinTM fins for snorkeling, open water swimming and surf swimming. Unlike regular flippers, she can walk into the surf and they don’t hurt, rub or strain her feet and muscles. Before trying them, she thought the fins might drag on the upward kicks. However, the fins actually minimise drag, as they are designed to flex away from her legs on the upward kicks. Furthermore, they give her extra power from her hips on the upward kicks, in addition to hip powered downward kicks.

    Corin’s review from Sydney, Australia

    “I got back from my trip on Friday and just wanted to let you know I LOVE my shinfinTM fins! I used them everywhere! Sadly I was unable to scuba while away but I did do a lot of snorkeling! And I received many questions and comments on them from fellow travellers and guides alike! So I’ve referred them all to your website.”

  • Quad amputee snorkeling & surfboard fins

    Dawn, a quad amputee, felt like a mermaid wearing her shinfinTM fins on her legs for snorkeling, and also on her arms for paddling her surfboard. Dawn has one leg amputated just below the knee and the other leg amputated just above the knee. Her arms are amputated just below her elbows. When she wears the shinfinTM fins on her arms, she wears them on the underside of her arms with the fin tips pointing away from her shoulders. The fins can fit in all these different positions on Dawn’s arms and legs because the fins are made from flexible polyurethane and the rubber straps are highly adjustable.

    Cindy’s/Dawn’s review from Florida, USA

    “Cindy: I am so excited to find your invention. I have a girlfriend, Dawn, who was a very active athlete before losing all 4 limbs to amputation. Her legs were amputed one just below the knee and one just above the knee. Her arms are amputated just below the elbow. I wanted to let you know that she liked your fins. She wore them on her arms and was able to paddle on a surfboard as well as turn the board around (which she couldn’t do without the fins). She also wore the fins on her legs, and they worked pretty good to give her some additional propulsion.”

    “Dawn: Thanks for creating the fins. I felt like a mermaid :)!”

    Quad amputee with shinfin™ fins on arms paddling on surfboard: front view
    Quad amputee with shinfinTM fins on arms paddling on surfboard: front view
  • Lighter snorkeling, walking & workout fins

    Cynthia finds her shinfinTM fins much lighter and great for snorkeling, better for walking, and better for her workouts too. What’s more, they fit easier into her suitcase for snorkeling trips. Also, they don’t bother her ankles like regular foot fins. This is because shinfinTM fins are lightweight and made from tough polyurethane. They strap above her ankles, so they leave her feet free to snorkel, swim and walk easier. So she bought two more pairs, for her husband snorkeling and for a friend for resistance workouts.

    Cynthia’s review from Kansas City, Missouri

    “They are great. I am using the shinfinTM fins for snorkeling whenever I travel. They fit in my suitcase easily and are much lighter than my other fins. I find that they work very well for me. I like that I can walk around, and they don’t bother my ankles like regular fins can. Plus they are a better workout. My friend needs to work out every day. Once he tried my shinfinTM fins, he was using them every day. He said they were a great workout. He didn’t have to swim as much. And he liked to walk in the water for the resistance training too. I just ordered 2 more pairs. Thanks.”

  • Below knee amputee snorkeling: prosthetist recommends fins

    Don is a below knee amputee and his prosthetist recommended wearing shinfinTM fins on his prosthetic leg for snorkeling, which worked well for him. This is because shinfinTM fins are highly adjustable to fit comfortably on all sorts of prosthetic legs, from thin legs with narrow calves through to large legs with broad calves. He wears the other fin on his non-amputated leg in the normal position to give him a better kick.

    Don’s review from North Andover, USA

    “I am a below-knee amputee. Your product was recommended by my prosthetist. I strapped the right fin onto the prosthetic and it seemed to work well. So I imagine I could remove the prosthetic and strap the fin to my residual limb.”

  • Snorkeling after practising with fins in a pool

    Joan is not a good swimmer, so she practised with her shinfinTM fins in a pool first before using them for snorkeling on her vacation. She found pool practice helpful because shinfinTM fins guide her to learn to swim with a better swimming style. Her smooth swimming kick then transferred across to work great for her snorkeling too.

    Joan’s review from Vancouver, Canada

    “I practised first in the pool, and then used them snorkeling. They worked great! I am not a good swimmer. So it was really good to pool practise first.”