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Durable fins to last many years

Are fins durable to last many years & not break?

Leg fins are extremely durable fins. These tough fins will last you many years of regular use. They don’t break like foot flippers.

Regular foot fins are often not very tough. This disappoints many people. Foot fins frequently tear and break. They don’t seem to last very long. The foot pocket and heel connection are fundamental areas of weakness. So, the foot pocket is a major failure point. Either the foot pocket tears at the heel or the heel strap breaks. Alternatively, the foot flipper snaps where the foot pocket connects to the blade. Their design and materials seem not to be durable enough for the stresses during use.

Leg fins overcome these problems. They don’t break like foot fins. Firstly, they don’t have a foot pocket to tear or a heel strap to break. Secondly, these durable fins have integral buckles and are one-piece injection moulded in high-tech, engineering grade polyurethane. This material has excellent flex recovery, extremely tough resistance to tears and abrasions and excellent UV resistance. This means there are no separate buckles to break or lose either.

Straps are made from tough, high quality silicone rubber with UV protection too. For longest life, please rinse after use and store away from the sun. Whilst the straps are very durable, as for all good rubbers, they will slowly degrade over many years. Spare straps are available from this website.

Now you can have durable fins to last you many years without breaking!

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