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Fins fit small feet & narrow feet

Do fins fit small feet & narrow feet?

Leg fins easily fit people with small feet and narrow feet. So choose fins that strap on your legs, not on your feet. Then the fins will still fit you comfortably, even if you have small, narrow feet, with low or high arches and insteps.

This is because leg fins don’t enclose your feet at all. They strap just above your ankles. The lower part of the fin lies gently along the top of your foot. It doesn’t attach to your foot in any way.

So they still fit you, even if you have unusually shaped feet. The size and shape of your feet doesn’t affect how they fit. So you can wear them whatever your foot size or shape. In fact, foot amputees, below knee amputees and above knee amputees, can wear them too.

If you have particularly small feet, the fins might stick out a little more from your toes. This doesn’t affect your swimming but it can make walking a little bit harder. Walking is still better than with foot flippers! If it bothers you, then you can just slide the fins a bit higher up your legs to compensate.

This is all in complete contrast to foot fins. If you have narrow, small feet, perhaps differently shaped, with high or low arches and insteps, it can be very hard to find foot fins that fit you without hurting. Foot fins often rub your feet and give you blisters on your heels and toes. They also squash your feet and cause cramps in your feet, ankles and calf muscles. And foot pain takes away your enjoyment of swimming.

In summary, unlike foot fins, with leg fins it doesn’t matter if you have small, narrow feet, low or high insteps and arches, or unusually shaped feet. Your foot shape and size doesn’t matter for how they fit. So leg fins can be worn by people with any foot size and shape.

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