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Comfortable fins reviews

New born comfortable fins for you!
Newly born comfortable fins for you!

Highly comfortable is a key benefit of shinfin™ fins, as shown in the customer reviews below. You will feel them more comfortable than regular fins for two main reasons.

Firstly, they fit on your legs, not on your feet. So your toes, feet and ankles are all free and more comfortable.

Secondly, they encourage a streamlined kick from your hip. So you reduce pain and cramps in your Achilles tendons, calf muscles, knees and back.

Enjoy the customer comfort reviews below. To learn more, please also see the comfortable fins article and the comfortable fins FAQ. Learn about related fitting benefits in the adjustable fins article, the feet free fins article and the strong light fins article.

  • Broken bone & torn ligament in foot: snorkeling fins

    Trishalana is very pleased that she can snorkel with her shinfinTM fins, even though she has a torn ligament and broken bone in her foot. This is because the fins strap comfortably above her ankles. So they don’t add extra pressure on her feet or cause her any foot pain like regular foot fins would. She can put on her fins in the water, and swim out and snorkel easily with them, even in choppy seas. Or she can put on her fins in the boat, and walk to exit the boat. Afterwards, she can climb up the boat ladder whilst still wearing her fins. shinfinTM fins are light and durable to make all this possible.

    Trishalana’s review from Kearneysville, USA

    “I am just returning from my Caribbean cruise where I snorkeled twice while away. The first time was straight off the beach. I was able to put them on in the water with little issue. I swam easily out, around and back in. It was smooth water. The second time was off a boat at a coral reef. I was able to put on the fins and exit the boat. The sea was very choppy but I had no trouble getting around and was able to climb the ladder back into the boat wearing them. I purchased these because I have a torn ligament and broken bone in my foot. These fins did not put any pressure on my foot or cause me any pain. I am very pleased with my experience and the ability it gave me to participate in the activity.”

  • No bad foot cramps: snorkeling fins

    With her shinfinTM fins, Nan can snorkel again in comfort, without the bad foot cramps that regular foot fins give her. She finds it easy to kick with more power from her hips, to see the underwater beauty again. Because the fins are so adjustable, she could fit them at a range of heights on her legs. Initially, she fitted her fins too high. This made it harder for her to strap them on, as the regular straps were only just long enough to go around her calf. Fitting the fins lower, in the usual place with the straps crossing over just above the ankles, solves this.

    Nan’s review from East Wallingford, USA

    “I just really want to thank you for saving my vacation! Seriously, we’ve been going snorkeling on St. John for many years. In the last few, I’ve been getting bad foot cramps after being in the water a while. To the point of having to remove one or both fins and flailing my way back to shore. So I tried my new shinfinTM fins. Those fins were great! They didn’t take much getting used to, and your instructions to kick from the hip were easy to follow. So, thanks for inventing the shinfinTM fins! I wouldn’t have been able to see all the underwater beauty without them.”

  • Two fused ankles: lake & pool swimming fins

    With two fused ankles, Dave’s shinfinTM fins allow him to enjoy his pool and lake swimming again. Now, with the stronger kick from his fins, he swims freestyle faster. Furthermore, he can turn his head to breathe more easily. He also uses his fins to swim back crawl and breaststroke arms with a dolphin/butterfly kick. Like other people with fused ankles, Dave finds it more comfortable to adjust the position of his fins to be a little higher up his shin, so that the fin tips reach about the middle of his feet. Overall, he finds his shinfinTM fins to be well-designed, unique and valuable.

    Dave’s review from Baraboo, US

    “I have two fused ankles, and because I can’t point my feet parallel to my legs, my freestyle kick was very ineffective. Thanks to shinfinTM fins, I can swim freestyle enjoyably again! I’d forgotten how a strong kick is necessary for easily turning my head to breathe. Thank you for producing a unique and valuable product. I’m finding that if I pull them up just a little higher than the normal position, they work well. With freestyle and back crawl, the shinfinTM fins give me a big boost in speed. With breaststroke, I’ve figured out a sort of bent-knee dolphin kick that works adequately. Thank you for making a well-designed product.”

  • Easier, comfort, stand on sandbars: body surfing fins

    Kevin enjoys the comfort and easier body surfing with shinfinTM fins, including entering the surf and standing on sandbars to catch waves. In particular, he feels his kick uses his legs, in contrast to kicking using his feet with foot fins for many years. This is because shinfinTM fins encourge a streamlined kick from his hips. So he is very happy with them.

    Kevin’s review from Sydney, Australia

    “I’m enjoying the comfort after being a long time “foot fin” wearer. I mainly use them to body surf and it really is a lot easier with the shinfinTM fins. I can enter the surf a lot easier, stand on sandbars. Very happy. Happy to support a great Australian product. By the way, just returned from the beach and a session of body surfing. Really getting used to them now.”

  • No foot cramps: lap swimming fins

    Alan has loved his shinfinTM fins for over four years, swimming laps for an hour or so up to five times a week, especially because they don’t cramp the small muscles in his feet like regular fins do. He feels the fin propulsion being transferred directly to his shins, so avoiding cramping his feet and making them more comfortable. What’s more, the lifeguard instructor at his pool thought they would be good for lifeguards, as you can even run wearing them and then get extra propulsion in the water.

    Alan’s review from Newark, USA

    “I just swim laps in the pool, but I swim a lot of laps. For three of the last four years I was using them 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes 5 times. I guess that averages to something near 600 uses. What happened with regular fins is that they work in such a way as to cause cramping of one the little muscles at the bottom of my foot. This would cause me to have to stop swimming. The shinfinTM fins work in such a way as to transfer all the propulsive effort from the foot, to the shin. This has worked great for me. I was easily swimming an hour at a time. Folks often ask about the shinfinTM fins. I always tell them, because it is true, that I love them. Then refer them to you. Good luck with your unique product.”

  • Below knee amputee triathlon training fins

    Andy, a below knee amputee who does triathlon swim training four times a week and is losing weight, finds his shinfinTM fins work really well. With one fin comfortable and secure on his stump and the other fin on his other leg, he finds moving around the pool much easier than with a conventional fin. He feels shinfinTM fins give him real propulsion from both legs, lifting his back end to make him more streamlined and faster. He also feels the fins encourage him to kick naturally from his hips using the stronger muscles in his stomach. What’s more, the fins help him swim much faster with a kickboard too.

    Andy’s review from Carnwath, UK

  • Below knee amputee snorkeling: prosthetist recommends fins

    Don is a below knee amputee and his prosthetist recommended wearing shinfinTM fins on his prosthetic leg for snorkeling, which worked well for him. This is because shinfinTM fins are highly adjustable to fit comfortably on all sorts of prosthetic legs, from thin legs with narrow calves through to large legs with broad calves. He wears the other fin on his non-amputated leg in the normal position to give him a better kick.

    Don’s review from North Andover, USA

    “I am a below-knee amputee. Your product was recommended by my prosthetist. I strapped the right fin onto the prosthetic and it seemed to work well. So I imagine I could remove the prosthetic and strap the fin to my residual limb.”

  • Tidal pools & council pools: comfortable lap swimming fins

    Leanne loves her shinfinTM fins for lap swimming in tidal ocean pools and council pools. She finds them comfortable to wear whenever she swims because they give her the best swim styles. They are comfortable because they flex to fit her legs and the straps are adjustable to suit most leg sizes and shapes. They give many benefits over foot flippers, which she cannot wear.

    Leanne’s review from Central Coast, Australia

    “I love my shinfinTM fins. I was unable to wear flippers so now I wear shinfinTM fins every time I go swimming. They are comfortable. I do lap swimming in a tidal pool or I use local council pools. I average 10 kilometres a week.”

  • Foot amputee swimming & surfing fins

    John, a recent foot amputee, has re-invented himself using shinfinTM fins, first for swim fitness, then for stand up surfing. He finds them super light, strong and comfortable without chaffing, unlike conventional fins. Because of their natural design, shinfinTM fins enable him to iteract with the water with a peaceful experience. Overall, John says they are the tool that allowed him to rebuild himself after his foot amputation.

    John’s review from New Britain, USA

    “I lost my right foot last year. Brilliant concept and design. These fins are bullet proof! Super light. They stay in place and are a pleasure to wear, with no bothersome chaffing as with conventional fins. I now can interact in the water like I’m part of the whole peaceful experience. So pleased, thankful and blessed. shinfinTM fins have been an incomparable tool for self improvement, to rebuild oneself in so many ways. I’m now swimming and surfing and enjoying my retirement immensely. shinfinTM fins opened the door. If it weren’t for shinfinTM fins, I wouldn’t have pushed myself! And would not realize how fine it all can be!”

  • Ocean & indoor chlorine pools: lap swimming fins

    For 8 years, Julia has been swimming laps with her shinfinTM fins in indoor chlorine pools and ocean pools. In fact, she finds she cannot swim without them. This is because they give her such a comfortable and smooth swimming style. She swims a couple of times a week and the fins have lasted many years. Because chlorinated pools have degraded the strap rubber over the years, she replaced the straps after 8 years. Rinsing the fins after use increases their life, especially the straps.

    Julia’s review from Merrylands, Australia

    “Love my shinfinTM fins even after 8 years. Cannot swim without them. I am a great ambassador for shinfinTM fins! I tell everyone to buy a pair.”