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Body surfing fins reviews

  • Easier, comfort, stand on sandbars: body surfing fins

    Kevin enjoys the comfort and easier body surfing with shinfinTM fins, including entering the surf and standing on sandbars to catch waves. In particular, he feels his kick uses his legs, in contrast to kicking using his feet with foot fins for many years. This is because shinfinTM fins encourge a streamlined kick from his hips. So he is very happy with them.

    Kevin’s review from Sydney, Australia

    “I’m enjoying the comfort after being a long time “foot fin” wearer. I mainly use them to body surf and it really is a lot easier with the shinfinTM fins. I can enter the surf a lot easier, stand on sandbars. Very happy. Happy to support a great Australian product. By the way, just returned from the beach and a session of body surfing. Really getting used to them now.”

  • Legs work better: faster club training fins

    Like many swim training club members, shinfinTM fins help Reto to swim faster and make his legs work better. This is because shinfinTM fins let him kick with his own swimming style, without messing up his kick like foot flippers do. So this is why Reto feels his swimming style with shinfinTM fins is very similar to swimming without fins. Just what he wants for his swim training.

    Reto’s review from Dubendorf, Switzerland

    “I’m very happy with shinfinTM fins and I have several friends that want to order them too. What I like most is that the feeling for the water when you swim with shinfinTM fins is almost the same as without. The only difference is that I feel my legs work better and that I’m faster!!!! The swim club members are wondering what I wear but they hesitated until now to ask.”

  • Power, wave control & push off: body surfing fins

    For Doug (previously a professional lifeguard), the key body surfing benefits of shinfinTM fins are a strong punch of power, control in the wave and feet free to push off from the bottom. He gets the power he needs because shinfinTM fins are hip powered by the larger muscles in his thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso. Control to get into the wave pocket happens because the fins are on his legs, not his feet. What’s more, a wave slamming and rolling him doesn’t rip them off, unlike foot flippers.

    Doug’s review from Venice Beach, USA

    “I’ve been using the fins extensively. I got a strong punch of power out of the shinfinTM fins. And just like you guys said, I got an impressive increase in control while in the wave. But here is what was really cool. Because of the design of the shinfinTM fins, I was able to plant my feet firmly on the bottom/reef and push off and kick. It takes the right tide level to pull this off. But when you can do it, it’s awesome. It allows you to get into waves and places in the wave I’ve only seen dolphins utilize! It seems that the added vector control realized by the shinfinTM fins allows me to control angle of descent and climb. This equates to the ability to get into the wave pocket, which is really what it’s all about!”

    “I just realized something else Marc. When I got rag-dolled on that first wave, any normal fin would have most likely been ripped off my feet (it’s happened before). My shinfinTM fins were moved around but I still had them! And that’s what’s counts.”

  • Shortboard stand up surfing fins

    Kyle has a lot of fun stand up surfing with shinfinTM fins on his shortboard. With shinfinTM fins, he can still stand on his shortboard. They help him catch waves more easily and also let him rest his arms going back out. He really enjoys the balanced workout, kicking with his legs and paddling with his arms. Furthermore, they stop his lower back getting sore. (This used to happen when he just paddled just with his arms, without fins.) So he can stay out longer to catch more waves and have more fun. He also finds them great fins for body surfing and swimming, especially the way they encourage kicking from his hips. What’s more, because they are so adjustable, his seven year old son can also use them to enjoy himself more in the water.

    Kyle’s review from Ventura, USA

    “I rode my surfboard with your shinfinTM fins twice last weekend and had a lot of fun. Really enjoyed the balanced, full body workout. My body felt better after surfing, whereas previously, often my lower back would be sore after surfing for a long time. Although I didn’t surf for a long time, the way my back felt after surfing with your shinfinTM fins makes me expect to not be sore after surfing for hours. I also appreciated the chance to rest my arms while paddling back out. My 5’10” fish needs repair, so I rode my 6’8″ and duck diving it was no problem. I’m very happy with the purchase. Oh and I do believe they helped me catch waves more easily!”

    “I really enjoy them body surfing and swimming. I love how much water I can move through when swimming out through the waves by dolphin kicking underwater. Thank you for creating such fun and high performance vehicles”

  • Walk, stand & maneuver easily: powerful body surfing fins

    shinfinTM fins give Pete powerful body surfing and also let him walk and stand in the water, and maneuver easily to catch waves. This is because they attach to his legs, so his feet are free. Furthermore, kick power comes from his hips, using the stronger muscles in his thighs, buttocks and torso. So his end result is better control on the waves, faster body surfing and less fatigue.

    Pete’s review from Harrington Park, USA

    “They’re great. Biggest benefit is you don’t have to put them on in the water. And you can walk in the ocean with them on. Plus, they give you plenty of power to get the fatter waves. And when you want to take a break from swimming, you can stand in them. Big plus, as you can’t stand in the water with regular fins on.”

    “Took my shinfinTM fins with me on my world body surfing tour this summer. They worked great, especially taking into consideration the vicious shore break there. They are very easy to maneuver around in once you are out there too. And no problem standing at all when you are only up to your waist, to take a break. You can walk in as opposed to swimming in all the time, so the fatigue factor is much less.”

  • No muscle, ankle or heel pain: body surfing fins

    Body surfing with shinfinTM fins, Michael avoids the muscle pain, sore ankles and raw heels that he gets with traditional foot fins. What’s more, these issues can be dangerous. So shinfinTM fins give him a comfortable and safe way to body surf. In fact, he likes them so much that he then bought three pairs for his grandchildren!

    Michael’s review from Juneau, USA

    Now that I’m older, I need a better (correct if you will) way to boost my ability to catch waves using my leg muscles. I’m most fortunate that I have my shinfinTM fins. They provide a comfortable and safe way to use these aging muscles. No more painful muscle cramps and bruises. You have my gratitude. My old Voit fins just about killed me with sore ankles and raw heels.”

  • Teach, bodyboard, body surf & snorkel: multi-use fins

    Anne finds her shinfinTM fins great for many uses: from teaching squad swimmers and beginners, through to surf swimming, bodyboarding, body surfing and snorkeling. She likes the extra propulsion with the natural kick technique, streamlined body and no leg cramps. What’s more, sharing the fins is easy, as one size fits most. She also likes that they fit securely, so don’t fall off in surf wipe outs.

    Anne’s review from Kilmore, Australia

    First, swim teaching. “The shinfinTM fins are great. They enable swimmers to practice the correct kicking technique, and to maintain it after they take the fins off. Very useful in teaching dolphin kick and butterfly for this reason. One size fits most, so no more scrambling around for the right sized fins, which saves me a great deal of time poolside. Great for squad level swimmers. Especially useful for adult students who are learning to swim from scratch. Natural kicking action with extra propulsion to help maintain streamlined body position and buoyancy. Assist with overall water confidence. Happy to endorse a product this good.”

    Then, in the surf. “My shinfinTM fins were fantastic for surf swimming, bodyboarding and body surfing. Compared to “normal” fins I had less dramas getting into the surf. Great to swim & paddle in. Didn’t come off even when I wiped out. Also found them great when snorkeling. No leg cramps.”

  • Big surf & beach break: body surfing & bodyboarding fins

    shinfinTM fins leave Phil’s feet free to move for shallow water beach breaks and power him for big surf bodyboarding and body surfing. Also, he sometimes wears shinfinTM fins and regular foot fins together. What’s more, Phil appreciates that shinfinTM fins don’t give him calf cramps or toe rash like regular foot fins.

    Phil’s review from Huntington Beach, USA

    “I really like the fact that when I am body surfing or bodyboarding in a beach break, my feet can be free to move in shallow water. In real big surf, I can increase my propulsion greatly by putting on my regular foot fins also! Thanks for your nice product! Thanks for putting a great new fin on the surf market.”