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Legs work better: faster club training fins

Like many swim training club members, shinfinTM fins help Reto to swim faster and make his legs work better. This is because shinfinTM fins let him kick with his own swimming style, without messing up his kick like foot flippers do. So this is why Reto feels his swimming style with shinfinTM fins is very similar to swimming without fins. Just what he wants for his swim training.

Reto’s review from Dubendorf, Switzerland

“I’m very happy with shinfinTM fins and I have several friends that want to order them too. What I like most is that the feeling for the water when you swim with shinfinTM fins is almost the same as without. The only difference is that I feel my legs work better and that I’m faster!!!! The swim club members are wondering what I wear but they hesitated until now to ask.”

Reto’s review: Faster swim club training fins with legs working better


Many thanks for your kind reply Reto. Yes, you are feeling exactly the right things. We get a lot of great feedback like this. Thank you for spreading the shinfinTM word, that is very good of you.


“I’m looking forward using the fins for body surfing during my next holidays.”


If you do swim training, and perhaps you are a swim club member, then shinfinTM fins will make your legs work better and help you swim faster. This is because shinfinTM fins let you kick with your own swimming style, in contrast to foot flippers which mess up your kick. So you will feel your swimming style with shinfinTM fins is like swimming without fins. This is exactly what you need for swim training of course.

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