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Fins to stand, kneel & drop-knee on boards

Do fins let you stand, kneel & drop-knee on boards?

Leg fins leave your feet free to stand, kneel and drop-knee on boards. They let you ride boards wearing fins, for extra speed and safety in the water.

Regular foot fins obviously get in the way when you kneel and stand on surfboards, kneel on kneeboards and drop-knee on bodyboards.

With leg fins, kneeling on your surfboard, kneeboard and bodyboard is easy. Kneeling with your ankles and toes pointed, the fins lie on your board, comfortably along your shins and the tops of your feet. So the fins also protect your shins and the tops of your feet from rubbing on your board.

With leg fins, standing on your board works well too. The entire soles of your feet are free to grip your board. Standing on your board with your ankles bent, the fins flex comfortably around the front of your ankles. Only the tips of the fins touch your board.

Drop-knee on your board is easy too. It is a combination of standing and kneeling. Your front leg is standing on your board. Your back leg is kneeling on your board.

Now you can have the extra speed and safety of fins and stand, kneel and drop-knee on your boards!

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