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Fins to swim naturally & move easily

Do fins let you swim naturally & move easily?

Leg fins leave your feet free to move easily and swim naturally. You move your feet the same way you move them when swimming without fins. They give you extra power and still let you do your normal kick.

Regular foot fins restrict your feet and stop them moving easily. They force you to keep your feet and ankles stiff, to hold the foot fins in position for the kick. They destroy your normal kicking movements, the way your ankles and feet move when you swim without fins. Wearing foot fins, you can’t move your feet easily so you can’t swim naturally.

Leg fins avoid all these problems because they have no foot pockets. They attach to your legs above your ankles. So they don’t enclose or restrict your feet in any way. Your feet and ankles can be relaxed and supple. This is how they should be for a good swimming kick. Your feet and ankles are free. It feels good too.

You can also adjust the position of the fins on your legs to match your kick. This allows your entire leg movements and kicks to be natural too. This, in turn, allows your arms to pull with a good balanced stroke and the correct timing. By leaving your feet free, leg fins release your entire body to become free for natural swimming.

Now you can wear fins for extra power and leave your feet free to move easily and swim naturally.

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