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Swim technique fins reviews

  • Better kicking technique, faster snorkeling fins

    Andrew loves the better kick technique that shinfinTM fins give him for more efficient, faster snorkeling. This is because shinfinTM fins encourage him to kick with power from his hips and a smooth, streamlined technique. He found this new shinfinTM kick to be very different to his kick when snorkeling with his old foot fins.

    Andrew’s review from Melbourne, Australia

    “Loved the fins. Took a while to get used to them but once I was kicking differently they were surprisingly fast. Already they have proven their worth for reef snorkeling. I found I was much more efficient and faster since using the shinfinTM fins and the kicking technique was much better!”

  • Better kick, stroke, breathing & endurance: technique fins

    Over many years, the swim technique encouraged by shinfinTM fins has given Rick a better kick, improved stroke, relaxed breathing and a dramatic increase in endurance. He tends to swim freestyle about 5-6 km a week, fitness swimming in pools and in the ocean. What’s more, these benefits carry over to his no-fins swimming style too. This all flows on from the better aligned, streamlined horizontal body position that he feels the fins promoting. Importantly, he feels the incredible workout in his thighs, glutes and abdomen because the fins guide him to kick from his hips. Rick can see clearly that regular foot fins don’t come close in comparison.

    Rick’s review from Perth, Australia

    “Thank you for prompt service and a great product. By the second session I was already noticing marked improvement in my kick, but also more generally in my stroke and breathing, as a flow-on from the better aligned body position the fins promote. What I hadn’t really considered (the added bonus I suppose) is the dramatic improvement in my endurance, allowing me to extend my lap distance each session. And my no-fins kick is also improving. So, good on you for taking a strong concept all the way through the process of invention and manufacture, to realise an extraordinary Aussie design innovation.”

    4 months later: “I’m still using my shinfinTM fins three times every week, swimming an average of 5-6 km a week at present. I’ve found them kind of addictive! My endurance has improved dramatically, and so has my general fitness. I’m now much more relaxed in the water, and breathing smoothly and easily. The improved horizontality of body position has helped me work on my freestyle stroke, to streamline my swim technique. I’ve been able to really concentrate on technical aspects of my stroke, like kick beat, or bilateral breathing. The long, slow, strong 2-beat kick provides an incredible workout for my abdomen, glutes, thighs, and even my shoulders, as my arms are working stronger, to maintain momentum. I’m happy to help encourage more people to adopt shinfinTM fins, because I believe in the quality of the design and product!”

    4 years later: “I swear by the fins, for promoting a good horizontal body position, improving my stroke and working my thighs, quads and glutes. Regular fins don’t come close in comparison.”

  • Freestyle retraining fins: no knee or foot issues

    Importantly, after following the fin fitting tips and positioning her fins to suit her kick, Tamra really loves her shinfinTM fins for retraining her freestyle, and without foot or knee issues. They allow her to smooth her stroke so they retrain her away from a choppy freestyle. She really feels the difference in her hip flexors and back. This is because the fins are designed to lift her hips and encourage power from her hips using the stronger muscles in her thighs and torso. She uses them daily, enjoys her pool time again and bought a second pair of fins about six years later.

    Tamra’s review from Albuquerque, USA

    “I am loving my fins!! Sending people to your website. Really notice the difference in my hip flexors and back. Awesome in helping me retrain my choppy “fight the water” freestyle. No issues with knees or feet. Gets easier putting them on and taking off. Just enjoying pool time again! Thanks for inventing these beauties! I use them every day!! I love my shinfinTM fins more than any piece of equipment I own!!”

  • Swimming with tumble turns & aqua aerobics fins

    Loving her shinfinTM fins, usually daily, for nine years and more, Gillian uses them for pool swimming with tumble turns and a tougher aqua aerobics workout too. It only took her a short while to become comfortable swimming, doing tumble turns and adjusting her fins without much strength in her hands. She “motors down the pool” with great swimming style doing freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke arms with butterfly legs. The fins guide her into a streamlined kicking technique from her hips. This review shows Gillian’s progression with her fins over her first few days and then at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 2 years, 5 years and 9 years. shinfinTM fins are strong and long-lasting!

    Gillian’s review from Blakeview, Australia

    “I found them terrific for backstroke. Wow! I swim from the hips anyway, so had no problems adjusting to this type of swimming. Foot flippers always made my shins, ankles and knees ache. My program consists of 50m freestyle, 50m reverse fly kick, 50m fly with breaststroke arms, 50m backstroke, repeated until I run out of time. Generally between 1000m and 1600m. I feel as though I am “motoring” down the pool. I can now do tumble turns at both ends of the pool. Using them to keep me mobile. Love the fins. I’ve shown them to a lot of people at the pool, usually the older generation, like me. I’m happy that my fins have outlasted five pairs of foot flippers. Two years of discomfort before foot flippers snap across the middle!”

  • Butterfly technique training session fins

    By converting his training sessions from foot fins to shinfinTM fins, Isarez significantly improves his butterfly technique. He feels them enhancing his body hydrodynamics by giving him the correct tension distribution in his lower body, legs and feet. This is because they give him the correct power from his hips. Furthermore, his body remembers his new shinfinTM enhanced butterfly technique, even after he takes them off for training sessions without fins. He gets good training from going into flip-turns a bit harder until the fins lift out of the water, and pushing off with both feet contacting the wall.

    Isarez’s review from London, UK

    “I am a butterfly enthusiast. Your shinfinTM fins are worth the extra money, especially for swimmers who are technique-focused. I usually felt I learnt nothing technically from foot fins. In contrast, the shinfinTM fins make me feel true to my body. They give the correct tension distribution throughout the lower-body, legs and feet. This, therefore, enhances the body’s hydrodynamics properly while focusing on and maintaining technique. Taking off the fins, I already feel that I learned to lift up more efficiently in the butterfly (clearing the water surface less vertically for breathing). I must thank you for inventing the shinfinTM fins.”

  • Freestyle, butterfly & backstroke: workout fins

    Like many people, Ryan gets a good workout with his shinfinTM fins, finding them great for freestyle, butterfly and backstroke. This is because their design matches the swimming style of all three strokes. In particular, their natural design encourages him to kick from his hips which gives him a great workout and strengthens the proper kicking technique for all three strokes. What’s more, this helps him to achieve smoother swimming strokes with less drag. That is why he doesn’t get winded as much.

    Ryan’s review from Doha, Qatar

    “I’ve been using them quite a bit. Freestyle is my worst stroke. Breaststroke is my best, and the one I rest with. They don’t work for breaststroke. But for freestyle, butterfly and backstroke they are great. I am enjoying them quite a bit. Allows me to get a good workout without being totally winded. Gotta run … great product.”

  • Best muscle sets & no feet cramping fins

    Like many people, Sue finds it great that shinfinTM fins use her best muscle sets and avoid cramping her feet, unlike foot fins. This is because they encourage her to kick from her hips. Most important, they are comfortable without cramping her feet because they don’t fit on her feet. So her feet are free!

    Sue’s review from Canberra, Australia

    “The shinfinTM fins are great. I can definitely feel the change in the muscle sets that are used with the shinfinTM fins compared to the other foot fins. I have also had no more problems with cramping in my feet. No questions at this time, thank you for your follow-up.”

  • Below knee amputation with knee replacement fins

    Audrey’s shinfinTM fins allow her to enjoy swimming again after her knee replacement surgery and below knee amputation. They have made a huge difference to her swimming technique, ability and momentum because they give her equal kick power in both her legs. So she can now swim in a straight line again too! Also, her prosthetist altered the buckles because she has weak fingers due to arthritis.

    Audrey’s review from Victoria, Canada

    “I’m an amputee and they have given me back my enjoyment in swimming. They are just the best! Now I can swim in a straight line and with some momentum. Thank you! I now have equal kicking power in both legs. I’ve told so many people about these fins. I’m so glad to be able to get back swimming as I thought I would have to give it up after my surgery because it was such a struggle to swim with 1/2 legs.” And months later: “I’m still using the fins faithfully and thoroughly enjoying them. They have made a huge difference to my swimming ability.”

  • Proper stroke & breathing & position: triathlon training fins

    Triathlon training with shinfinTM fins streamlines Charles’ body position, balances his breathing, lengthens his stroke and properly uses the larger muscles in his glutes. This all happens because shinfinTM fins lift his body more horizontal, train more powerful kicking from his hips and give him correct freestyle timing. Most importantly, this transfers to give him a faster, smoother and more efficient freestyle technique.

    Charles’ review from Queens, USA

    “In a nutshell, I luv em! My shinfinTM fins recruit the larger muscle groups in my glutes. So I am now using less energy for the same amount of distance. They assist me in developing a feel for proper body position in the water. I was able to stretch out and really get a feel of my stroke. So I could definitely feel a better balance as far as my breathing goes. Which in turn encourages me to lengthen my stroke. WAY COOL! I am definitely improving. I was able to keep proper form for a longer period of time. Thanks for such an innovative product.”

  • Streamlined body & stronger kick: competitive Masters fins

    Two main benefits that shinfinTM fins give Paraic, are a more streamlined body position and a more efficient stronger kick. Most importantly, these benefits transfer to give him a better swim style without fins too. So he uses them for his Masters swimming training and swim technique improvement. He also bought a second pair for another Masters swimmer.

    Paraic’s review from Portmarnock, Ireland

    “I’m using them for competitive Masters swimming. I find my body position has improved significantly when swimming freestyle! Giving a more streamlined position, when I take off the fins I feel my leg kick is stronger and more efficient.”