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Best muscle sets & no feet cramping fins

Like many people, Sue finds it great that shinfinTM fins use her best muscle sets and avoid cramping her feet, unlike foot fins. This is because they encourage her to kick from her hips. Most important, they are comfortable without cramping her feet because they don’t fit on her feet. So her feet are free!

Sue’s review from Canberra, Australia

“The shinfinTM fins are great. I can definitely feel the change in the muscle sets that are used with the shinfinTM fins compared to the other foot fins. I have also had no more problems with cramping in my feet. No questions at this time, thank you for your follow-up.”

Sue’s review: Fins use best muscle sets without cramping feet


That’s great, we get a lot of feedback like this. Also, have you noticed improvements in your “no-fins” swimming technique (arms too) and speed? Training with shinfinTM fins carries across directly to “no-fins” swimming.

I do feel that the fins have some very great public health benefits. I’ve spent years designing them to work with and teach the normal streamlined kick used by good swimmers, exercising the thighs and torso etc. People really seem to like this and enjoy swimming more.

From the feedback we are getting, they are encouraging more people to swim for fitness and exercise. Especially people who find it difficult to swim without fins but who have real problems with foot flippers. And their “no-fins” swimming improves too as a result.


shinfinTM fins use your correct muscle sets because they encourage you to kick from your hips. They are comfortable and avoid cramping your feet because they don’t fit on your feet. Far better than foot fins.

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