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Foot amputation fins reviews
These reviews show some of the many helpful benefits that shinfin™ fins give to foot amputees. These highly adjustable fins flex to match the shape of your leg stumps and the straps adjust to fit around your leg stumps. Please also read the main foot amputation fins article.

  • Symes foot amputation: team training fins

    Following a Symes amputation of his foot, Harry uses his shinfinTM fin for training sessions with his swim team. This helps him to swim faster and develop his thigh muscles. This is because shinfin™ fins guide him to kick from his hips. So they encouage proper streamlined swimming kicks for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Even with amputations, it is usually best to wear a pair of shinfinTM fins for a proper balanced stroke.

    Brenda’s review from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

    “My 12 year old grandson had a Symes amputation due to a road traffic accident 18 months ago. He has been training with our local swim team. He is as fast and even faster than some of his peers, with or without his shinfinTM fin, but needs the shinfinTM fin for his thigh muscle development.”

  • Feet disabilities: para-swim training fins

    Owen, with disabilities in both feet, has been para-swim training with his shinfinTM fins for about five years. They adjust to fit on his legs. He has been so successful, that he has reached number one UK rankings in his para-classification. These include 50 metres freestyle, 100 metres freestyle and 100 metres breastroke. He is also captain of the University of Nottingham swimming team and on the England Para-swimming Talent Development squad. Owen finds shinfinTM fins extremely helpful for improving his kick action because they lift his thighs and body horizontal. This gives him the best swimming style. Furthermore, he finds them extremely helpful for improving his leg strength because they encourage proper kick power from his hips.

    Owen’s review from Nottingham, UK

    “shinfinTM fins have been extremely helpful in helping improve my kick action and leg strength, letting me participate in sessions I previously wasn’t able to.”

    Mark (father): “So, thank you. The fins have been really effective and they allow Owen to train with able-bodied swimmers. We purchased two pairs of shinfinTM fins and Owen hasn’t looked back since. Now when kicking drills are ordered in training, he can match the able-bodied swimmers and the session is no longer an exercise in disheartening futility!”

    Champion para-swimmer wearing shinfin™ fins
    Champion para-swimmer wearing shinfinTM fins
  • Foot amputee swimming & surfing fins

    John, a recent foot amputee, has re-invented himself using shinfinTM fins, first for swim fitness, then for stand up surfing. He finds them super light, strong and comfortable without chaffing, unlike conventional fins. Because of their natural design, shinfinTM fins enable him to iteract with the water with a peaceful experience. Overall, John says they are the tool that allowed him to rebuild himself after his foot amputation.

    John’s review from New Britain, USA

    “I lost my right foot last year. Brilliant concept and design. These fins are bullet proof! Super light. They stay in place and are a pleasure to wear, with no bothersome chaffing as with conventional fins. I now can interact in the water like I’m part of the whole peaceful experience. So pleased, thankful and blessed. shinfinTM fins have been an incomparable tool for self improvement, to rebuild oneself in so many ways. I’m now swimming and surfing and enjoying my retirement immensely. shinfinTM fins opened the door. If it weren’t for shinfinTM fins, I wouldn’t have pushed myself! And would not realize how fine it all can be!”

  • Foot amputation & sensitive skin: learn to swim fins

    Dawn’s ten year old son has a partial foot amputation and sensitive skin from burns, so he loves his shinfinTM fins for learning to swim. Because his skin is very thin and sensitive due to his burns, he wears the fins over socks. Most important, as they strap above his ankles, his feet are free. That is why his foot amputation doesn’t affect the fin operation, unlike with regular foot fins. So his swim instructor sees a big improvement in his swimming.

    Dawn’s review from Currimundi, Australia

    “My son [age 10] loves the fins. Because of his partial amputation of one foot and loss of muscles due to burns, he has always had trouble kicking. With shinfinTM fins he is able to kick very well. His teacher, who told us about the fins, has seen a big improvement in his swimming. Thanks, Dawn.”

  • Stuff you need to know before or after leg amputation

    Bill shares his overall story to help amputees learn what they need to know before or after their leg amputation. His recreational therapy section discusses his swimming with shinfinTM fins, which he expands upon in swimming with fins after amputation. Bill’s story encourages above knee amputees, below knee amputees and foot amputees to (re)learn how to swim after amputation.

    Bill’s review from O’Fallon, USA

    “I learned that swimming helped me regain my strength and endurance. I use a shinfinTM fin on my remnant leg and also on my good leg to give me speed and a good workout. The shinfinTM fins can also be used for BKAs. Using the shinfinTM fin on my remnant leg strengthened and helped remove the excess fluids. I also wear my liner for comfort and it gives the shinfinTM fin more grip to stay on.”