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Shop Help | Australian Fins & Worldwide Delivery

Daily dispatch from Sydney, Australia. Fast international shipping to your door by airmail or express.

Australian Fins Worldwide Delivery: daily dispatch from Sydney

shinfin™ fins and straps are made in Sydney, Australia. We dispatch them worldwide from Sydney, normally within 1-2 business days of your order, using our daily Australia Post pick-up service.

Australian delivery options and times

Australian delivery times are higher in the ranges below if you are further from Sydney and/or in a more rural area. We offer two options.

  • Regular Parcel Post normally takes 1-7 business days and does not have tracking.
  • Express Post normally takes 1-3 business days and has tracking on .

International delivery options and times

Your fins will be flown to a main city in your country within a couple of business days. Thereafter, delivery times vary depending on the delivery system within your country. They are higher in the ranges below if you are further from a main city and/or in a more rural area. We offer two options.

  • Airmail normally takes about 3-10 working days and does not have tracking. Most international customers choose airmail. Depending on your country, airmail is usually very reliable.
  • Express Courier International normally takes 3-4 working days and has tracking on .

Customs Duty and Taxes

Many countries do not charge any import duty/taxes for goods up to a reasonable value. This value is often above the value of a pair of fins, and even above the value of many pairs of fins. However, it is your responsibility to understand your country’s import regulations. If your country’s Customs Office does charge you, then it is your responsibility to pay them.

Occasional Delays

We have sent thousands of pairs of fins to many different countries over the past years. They nearly always arrive within the timescales mentioned above. But unfortunately, there are occasional delays with all types of parcel delivery. If this happens to you, I hope the delay doesn’t inconvenience you too much. The good news is that parcels are nearly always located. Please follow these steps:

  1. Double-check your email order receipt, to make sure you typed your delivery address correctly and completely.
  2. Check with your local Post Office, in case you were not in when they tried to deliver them and didn’t get their notification letter. Or perhaps they left your parcel with a neighbour. Your local Post Office can usually help. Delivery delays are nearly always due to delays in the local Post Office part of the delivery to your address.
  3. Check with your country Customs/Security Office, as they occasionally delay parcels for spot checks. On very rare occasions, they might hold your parcel for one or two weeks. It may even be unsorted and hence not identified in their system when you call them. Sometimes (but not always) they put a Customs/Security sticker on your parcel which indicates that they delayed it. I’m very sorry, but unfortunately we have no control over these delays. Also, due to these rare but possible Customs/Security delays in your country, Australia Post will only initiate a search for a delayed airmail parcel after about 3 or 4 weeks has elapsed.

Fin packaging

This will help you describe your fin package to your Post Office to help locate them. Your fins are sent in a white, tough plastic post bag. The address label includes our sender address. For airmail, there is also a blue airmail sticker and the required signed green CN22 Customs declaration sticker stating: swim fins, made in Australia, AU$ value and weight (about 0.5kg per pair).

Our sender address is on your parcel

All fin parcels have our sender address on them. So they can be returned to us if they can’t be delivered to you. We have sent thousands of pairs of fins around the world. It hardly ever happens that your fins are not delivered, and instead are returned to us.