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Water sport safety fins reviews

  • No muscle, ankle or heel pain: body surfing fins

    Body surfing with shinfinTM fins, Michael avoids the muscle pain, sore ankles and raw heels that he gets with traditional foot fins. What’s more, these issues can be dangerous. So shinfinTM fins give him a comfortable and safe way to body surf. In fact, he likes them so much that he then bought three pairs for his grandchildren!

    Michael’s review from Juneau, USA

    Now that I’m older, I need a better (correct if you will) way to boost my ability to catch waves using my leg muscles. I’m most fortunate that I have my shinfinTM fins. They provide a comfortable and safe way to use these aging muscles. No more painful muscle cramps and bruises. You have my gratitude. My old Voit fins just about killed me with sore ankles and raw heels.”

  • River float tube fishing fins: mobile & versatile

    Sean enjoys much more mobility, versatility and water safety when river float tube fishing with his shinfinTM fins. Fundamentally, they give him better control to navigate river currents and then stay where he wishes to fish. The fins also leave his feet free to walk easier and push off the river floor, rocks, trees and other obstacles. What’s more, he can wear them with river shoes for extra protection.

    shinfin™ fins used with Togiak fishing float tube
    shinfin™ fins used with Togiak fishing float tube

    Sean’s review from Casper, USA

    “Since I have been using shinfinTM fins while fishing down Wyoming’s stretches of the North Platte river in a float tube, I have enjoyed an unbelievable increase in mobility and versatility! These are qualities that are of utmost importance when floating a river. I can get where I want to be in the currents and stay there. And I don’t lose the ability to wear river shoes and use my feet when I need them most, which is, quite frankly, all the time. They therefore make it much safer as well, giving me a liberated feeling and peace of mind.”

    “shinfinTM fins are a remarkable invention. They have completely changed the game for me when it comes to fishing the river! It’s a whole new experience now!”

  • Don’t hurt calves: easy learn to swim fins

    From never being able to swim a lap, shinfinTM fins have helped Dass learn to swim many laps, in comfort and without hurting her calves, unlike foot fins. This is because they teach and guide her into a good swimming style. They also give her the confidence to swim out of her depth by improving water safety.

    Dass’ review from Middletown, USA

    “The fins are great! I just started taking swimming lessons. I have never been able to do a lap in the pool. They have helped me learn to swim and also given me the confidence to stay in the water even when I cannot touch the bottom. I used to use normal fins and they always hurt my calves. But with shinfinTM fins, my legs move in the correct form for swimming and they just make everything easy. Now I swim laps for about 30 minutes non stop! Thanks Marc, for this great invention!”

  • Open water swimming with shoes & fins

    Milo uses shinfinTM fins for lap swimming and for open water swimming with his amphibious water shoes. He values that he can walk and run with the fins. They are strong and lightweight, so he can also wear them for water safety riding his jet ski. As a past competitive swimmer, he appreciates that shinfinTM fins don’t make him alter his natural kick (unlike regular fins).

    Milo’s review from Seattle, USA

    “They are impressive Marc. I was a competitive swimmer years ago, and it’s great to have a fin that doesn’t make me alter my kick. Amphibious shoes and the shinfinTM fins are a great combo. Surprisingly, the drag from leaving the shoes on is not that much. I think your shinfinTM fins are creating a dead area that shields the shoes from the water flow somewhat.”

  • Better balance, safer: water therapy fins

    Following a heart attack and some strokes, Lyn’s father (81) balances better and feels safer using shinfinTM fins for his water therapy. They make it easier and safer for him to walk and stand in the water because they leave his feet free. He finds the smooth kick from his entire leg much easier because they lift his body more horizontal and streamlined.

    Lyn’s review from Sydney, Australia

    Congratulations on an excellent product and great sales and service. The shinfinTM fins have been fantastic, as they are easy to move in while entering the water and allow him to maintain balance easier while standing in the water. The distribution of the energy through the entire leg, rather than just the ankle, also means it is much easier and takes less energy, to kick. The confidence factor, in that he feels safer, is also important.”