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Open water swimming: training fins

Elias benefits from shinfinTM fins for his open water swimming training in the sea, as well as for his swimming team training in the pool. He also swims quite a lot of butterfly.

Elias’ review from France

“I am sure shinfinTM is what swimmers have been dreaming about for decades.”

Elias’ review: Open water swimming & team training fins

“I swim 3 to 5 times a week and I want to buy shinfinTM fins for training in pool since I swim butterfly quite a lot. I swim in open water in summer and I think they can be used in the sea.”


Yes, they work well for training in a pool and open water swimming. Long distance in the sea should be good – in fact I believe you will enjoy the natural streamlined feel of their normal swimming kick especially over long distances (very different to a foot fin kick which has more knee bend). shinfinTM fins don’t stress your feet, ankle and calf muscles – unlike foot fins which often induce cramps, especially over longer distances. We have open water/ocean swimmers who love swimming with shinfinTM fins, especially for the natural, streamlined kick technique (and overall swimming stroke) that they promote and develop. This streamlining technique remains for their races with no fins. How far do you swim?

shinfinTM fins work best with full stroke swimming (fly, freestyle and backstroke), and I think you will find them similar in speed to foot fins. Sometimes it takes time to strengthen for the streamlined kick. I think you will enjoy them.


“I am sure shinfinTM is what swimmers have been dreaming about for decades.”

“I have been using them in France for a while now and everybody wants to know where I got them. Thanks again. They work fine.”

“I will remind my team members when back to France. I have been happy with the fins and it is natural for me to promote them. Will let you know if some of them ordered or want to.”


I’m glad they are working well for your swim training in France.


“By the way, you can put my comments on the website. Your fins
work and people need to know.”


Open water swimming and snorkeling with shinfinTM fins, in the sea and in lakes, is yet another way to add to your training and improve your kick. You can also use them for water running training. So swim out and enjoy their benefits!