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Butterfly fin reviews

  • Two fused ankles: lake & pool swimming fins

    With two fused ankles, Dave’s shinfinTM fins allow him to enjoy his pool and lake swimming again. Now, with the stronger kick from his fins, he swims freestyle faster. Furthermore, he can turn his head to breathe more easily. He also uses his fins to swim back crawl and breaststroke arms with a dolphin/butterfly kick. Like other people with fused ankles, Dave finds it more comfortable to adjust the position of his fins to be a little higher up his shin, so that the fin tips reach about the middle of his feet. Overall, he finds his shinfinTM fins to be well-designed, unique and valuable.

    Dave’s review from Baraboo, US

    “I have two fused ankles, and because I can’t point my feet parallel to my legs, my freestyle kick was very ineffective. Thanks to shinfinTM fins, I can swim freestyle enjoyably again! I’d forgotten how a strong kick is necessary for easily turning my head to breathe. Thank you for producing a unique and valuable product. I’m finding that if I pull them up just a little higher than the normal position, they work well. With freestyle and back crawl, the shinfinTM fins give me a big boost in speed. With breaststroke, I’ve figured out a sort of bent-knee dolphin kick that works adequately. Thank you for making a well-designed product.”

  • Stronger muscles, better butterfly: pool & sea fins

    For many years, shinfinTM fins have helped to give Alona a better butterfly stroke and stronger muscles in her buttocks, stomach and legs, for improved swim technique in the pool and sea. This is because they encourage her to kick from her hips to give her a better swim style. Alona is also a Pilates instructor and there was some discussion about wearing shinfinTM fins on the arms for exercises to strengthen the upper body.

    Alona’s review from Jerusalem, Israel

    “Thank you for your great innovation! I am very happy with my shinfinTM fins, and I also get a lot of attention when I swim with them in the pool. I love how I can swim the butterfly better now! And I also love how they help me strengthen my buttocks and stomach too, as well as my legs!”

    5 years later: “I use the fins mostly in the swimming pool and it is great! At my last vacation in Greece, I took them with me to swim at the sea. Using the fins helped me to improve my butterfly style and strengthen my middle section. I just love them! Thank you Marc for inventing them! Thanks for being so dedicated to your customers!!!”

  • Swimming with tumble turns & aqua aerobics fins

    Loving her shinfinTM fins, usually daily, for nine years and more, Gillian uses them for pool swimming with tumble turns and a tougher aqua aerobics workout too. It only took her a short while to become comfortable swimming, doing tumble turns and adjusting her fins without much strength in her hands. She “motors down the pool” with great swimming style doing freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke arms with butterfly legs. The fins guide her into a streamlined kicking technique from her hips. This review shows Gillian’s progression with her fins over her first few days and then at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 2 years, 5 years and 9 years. shinfinTM fins are strong and long-lasting!

    Gillian’s review from Blakeview, Australia

    “I found them terrific for backstroke. Wow! I swim from the hips anyway, so had no problems adjusting to this type of swimming. Foot flippers always made my shins, ankles and knees ache. My program consists of 50m freestyle, 50m reverse fly kick, 50m fly with breaststroke arms, 50m backstroke, repeated until I run out of time. Generally between 1000m and 1600m. I feel as though I am “motoring” down the pool. I can now do tumble turns at both ends of the pool. Using them to keep me mobile. Love the fins. I’ve shown them to a lot of people at the pool, usually the older generation, like me. I’m happy that my fins have outlasted five pairs of foot flippers. Two years of discomfort before foot flippers snap across the middle!”

  • Butterfly technique training session fins

    By converting his training sessions from foot fins to shinfinTM fins, Isarez significantly improves his butterfly technique. He feels them enhancing his body hydrodynamics by giving him the correct tension distribution in his lower body, legs and feet. This is because they give him the correct power from his hips. Furthermore, his body remembers his new shinfinTM enhanced butterfly technique, even after he takes them off for training sessions without fins. He gets good training from going into flip-turns a bit harder until the fins lift out of the water, and pushing off with both feet contacting the wall.

    Isarez’s review from London, UK

    “I am a butterfly enthusiast. Your shinfinTM fins are worth the extra money, especially for swimmers who are technique-focused. I usually felt I learnt nothing technically from foot fins. In contrast, the shinfinTM fins make me feel true to my body. They give the correct tension distribution throughout the lower-body, legs and feet. This, therefore, enhances the body’s hydrodynamics properly while focusing on and maintaining technique. Taking off the fins, I already feel that I learned to lift up more efficiently in the butterfly (clearing the water surface less vertically for breathing). I must thank you for inventing the shinfinTM fins.”

  • Freestyle, butterfly & backstroke: workout fins

    Like many people, Ryan gets a good workout with his shinfinTM fins, finding them great for freestyle, butterfly and backstroke. This is because their design matches the swimming style of all three strokes. In particular, their natural design encourages him to kick from his hips which gives him a great workout and strengthens the proper kicking technique for all three strokes. What’s more, this helps him to achieve smoother swimming strokes with less drag. That is why he doesn’t get winded as much.

    Ryan’s review from Doha, Qatar

    “I’ve been using them quite a bit. Freestyle is my worst stroke. Breaststroke is my best, and the one I rest with. They don’t work for breaststroke. But for freestyle, butterfly and backstroke they are great. I am enjoying them quite a bit. Allows me to get a good workout without being totally winded. Gotta run … great product.”

  • Teach, bodyboard, body surf & snorkel: multi-use fins

    Anne finds her shinfinTM fins great for many uses: from teaching squad swimmers and beginners, through to surf swimming, bodyboarding, body surfing and snorkeling. She likes the extra propulsion with the natural kick technique, streamlined body and no leg cramps. What’s more, sharing the fins is easy, as one size fits most. She also likes that they fit securely, so don’t fall off in surf wipe outs.

    Anne’s review from Kilmore, Australia

    First, swim teaching. “The shinfinTM fins are great. They enable swimmers to practice the correct kicking technique, and to maintain it after they take the fins off. Very useful in teaching dolphin kick and butterfly for this reason. One size fits most, so no more scrambling around for the right sized fins, which saves me a great deal of time poolside. Great for squad level swimmers. Especially useful for adult students who are learning to swim from scratch. Natural kicking action with extra propulsion to help maintain streamlined body position and buoyancy. Assist with overall water confidence. Happy to endorse a product this good.”

    Then, in the surf. “My shinfinTM fins were fantastic for surf swimming, bodyboarding and body surfing. Compared to “normal” fins I had less dramas getting into the surf. Great to swim & paddle in. Didn’t come off even when I wiped out. Also found them great when snorkeling. No leg cramps.”

  • Swim technique fins for all ages

    Ralph uses shinfinTM fins to improve the swimming technique of his grandchildren of all ages, for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. The fins encourage them to activate their stronger muscles by kicking from their hips with straighter knees, and build up their stamina and muscle memory.

    Ralph’s review from Delran, USA

    “I have found that shinfinTM fins are a positive alternative to promoting a more anatomical utilization of the muscles for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Just swim freestyle across the pool and feel the fins aid in your leg motions. The fins encourage the muscles of the upper leg, gluteus, lower back and abs to rhythmically move the legs. Presto! That was fun, easy and fast. Your legs do get tired as they react to the exercise and build muscle but it’s more advantageous to practice something technically more correct than perfecting self-defeating inappropriate muscle memory.”

  • Swimming with fins after amputation

    Swimming with shinfinTM fins was one of Bill’s first steps in his return to physical and emotional health, after his above knee amputation. Wearing one fin on his thigh stump and one fin on the shin of his other leg, they give him a natural swim kick with smooth stroke balance. He prefers wearing the fins without his prosthetic leg but they can be worn on a prosthetic leg too. He also notes that they can be worn by below knee amputees (also foot amputees). Bill’s expanded story is Stuff you need to know before or after leg amputation.

    Bill’s review from O’Fallon, USA

    “shinfinTM fins are the perfect choice for amputees because they attach to your legs instead of your feet. This provides many benefits such as a natural swim kick.”

  • Freestyle & butterfly: help for amputation below knee fins

    Anthony has a below knee amputation and finds that shinfinTM fins really help his freestyle and butterfly swimming techniques. So he wears one fin on his right lower leg and adjusts the other fin to fit the 8 inch (20 cm) stump of his left below knee amputation.

    Anthony’s review from Hong Kong

    “The shinfinTM fins work perfectly on me. They help a lot in freestyle and especially butterfly. For freestyle, they help to keep both legs in the correct kick actions. For butterfly, they help me to ‘feel’ the kick perfectly so that I know how to turn my body at the right timing.”

  • Open water swimming: training fins

    Elias benefits from shinfinTM fins for his open water swimming training in the sea, as well as for his swimming team training in the pool. He also swims quite a lot of butterfly.

    Elias’ review from France

    “I am sure shinfinTM is what swimmers have been dreaming about for decades.”