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Bodyboarding fins reviews

  • Foot amputee swimming & surfing fins

    John, a recent foot amputee, has re-invented himself using shinfinTM fins, first for swim fitness, then for stand up surfing. He finds them super light, strong and comfortable without chaffing, unlike conventional fins. Because of their natural design, shinfinTM fins enable him to iteract with the water with a peaceful experience. Overall, John says they are the tool that allowed him to rebuild himself after his foot amputation.

    John’s review from New Britain, USA

    “I lost my right foot last year. Brilliant concept and design. These fins are bullet proof! Super light. They stay in place and are a pleasure to wear, with no bothersome chaffing as with conventional fins. I now can interact in the water like I’m part of the whole peaceful experience. So pleased, thankful and blessed. shinfinTM fins have been an incomparable tool for self improvement, to rebuild oneself in so many ways. I’m now swimming and surfing and enjoying my retirement immensely. shinfinTM fins opened the door. If it weren’t for shinfinTM fins, I wouldn’t have pushed myself! And would not realize how fine it all can be!”

  • Faster without hurting ankle injuries: bodyboarding fins

    Bodyboarding with shinfinTM fins lets Diego keep up with other surfers in comfort, without hurting his ankle injuries. This is because they attach just above his ankles. So his hip power and thigh strength is channeled directly to just below his calves, not through his ankles. He can’t use regular fins due to his ankle injuries.

    Diego’s review from Lima, Peru

    “Hello Marc! I’m only taking the time to reply back because… the shinfinTM fins are GREAT!!! They work MUCH better than I could’ve imagined!! With these I can keep up with the other surfers, and I can even swim faster than some, which is a scenario that SIMPLY would NOT happen before! I can’t put into words how happy I am!! Best regards, and congratulations on a remarkably well-engineered product.”

  • Teach, bodyboard, body surf & snorkel: multi-use fins

    Anne finds her shinfinTM fins great for many uses: from teaching squad swimmers and beginners, through to surf swimming, bodyboarding, body surfing and snorkeling. She likes the extra propulsion with the natural kick technique, streamlined body and no leg cramps. What’s more, sharing the fins is easy, as one size fits most. She also likes that they fit securely, so don’t fall off in surf wipe outs.

    Anne’s review from Kilmore, Australia

    First, swim teaching. “The shinfinTM fins are great. They enable swimmers to practice the correct kicking technique, and to maintain it after they take the fins off. Very useful in teaching dolphin kick and butterfly for this reason. One size fits most, so no more scrambling around for the right sized fins, which saves me a great deal of time poolside. Great for squad level swimmers. Especially useful for adult students who are learning to swim from scratch. Natural kicking action with extra propulsion to help maintain streamlined body position and buoyancy. Assist with overall water confidence. Happy to endorse a product this good.”

    Then, in the surf. “My shinfinTM fins were fantastic for surf swimming, bodyboarding and body surfing. Compared to “normal” fins I had less dramas getting into the surf. Great to swim & paddle in. Didn’t come off even when I wiped out. Also found them great when snorkeling. No leg cramps.”

  • Faster paddling & wave catching: bodyboarding fins

    Liz’s shinfinTM fins give her faster, easier paddling on her bodyboard and extra speed for catching waves. She paddles out lying horizontal on her bodyboard, doing freestyle arms and kicking at the same time. Sharing the power like this, she finds it faster and much less tiring on her arms and legs. The same faster paddling and wave catching benefits also apply to kneeboarding and surfing.

    Liz’s review from Guernsey, Channel Islands

    “I first want to say how great they are. I have been using them bodyboarding and they are a fantastic step forward from old style fins. They seem to really add extra speed to bodyboarding. They’re especially great for getting some extra momentum going on waves that have almost been missed. Also make paddling out much easier which helps to catch those big waves. I have been paddling out lying horizontal on the board and the fins really add some power. So it’s much less tiring on the legs and arms. Thanks for a great product 🙂.”

  • Big surf & beach break: body surfing & bodyboarding fins

    shinfinTM fins leave Phil’s feet free to move for shallow water beach breaks and power him for big surf bodyboarding and body surfing. Also, he sometimes wears shinfinTM fins and regular foot fins together. What’s more, Phil appreciates that shinfinTM fins don’t give him calf cramps or toe rash like regular foot fins.

    Phil’s review from Huntington Beach, USA

    “I really like the fact that when I am body surfing or bodyboarding in a beach break, my feet can be free to move in shallow water. In real big surf, I can increase my propulsion greatly by putting on my regular foot fins also! Thanks for your nice product! Thanks for putting a great new fin on the surf market.”

  • Less muscle & ankle strain: bodyboarding fins

    Bodyboarding with shinfinTM fins gives Wendy less lower leg muscle fatigue and less ankle strain than any foot fins she has ever used. From her occupational therapist viewpoint, she understands and feels these therapeutic biomechanical advantages.

    Wendy’s review from San Francisco, USA

    “Overall, I LOVE them! Really takes the strain off your ankles for kicking power. I feel far less lower extremity fatigue and strain when I use them. I still think shinfinTM fins superior to any fins I have ever used.”

  • No back problems: swimming exercise fins

    Tony gets no back problems when he uses his shinfinTM fins for exercise swimming. Also, he doesn’t get the calf or foot cramping that he gets with regular foot fins. So overall, he finds them very comfortable.

    Tony’s review from Kiama Downs, Australia

    “They certainly do not cause my lower back any problems when swimming. Very comfortable and have no problems with calf or foot cramping I get with normal fins.”