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Lightweight fins & easier to kick

Are fins lightweight & easier to kick?

Leg fins are very lightweight fins indeed. So that makes them easier to kick too.

Regular foot fins are heavy and cumbersome. They generally weigh about 600g (20oz) or more, per fin. Their extra weight makes them less efficient to kick and stresses your feet and ankles more. People prefer lightweight fins that are easier to kick.

Leg fins avoid these problems because they don’t have heavy foot pockets. They only weigh about 300g (10oz) per fin, including strap. This is similar to a light running shoe. These are such lightweight fins that you hardly notice their weight. Regular foot flippers are about double this weight, or even heavier.

Leg fins are so light for three reasons. Firstly, they don’t have heavy foot pockets. Secondly, they are made from high-tech polyurethane, which is very strong for less weight. Thirdly, they are thinner and hence lighter because the design gets extra strength from being strapped around your leg. Being such lightweight fins makes them feel far less cumbersome and also less stressful to kick.

Now you can have lightweight fins that are easier to kick and more fun to use!

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