Swim fins reduce knee pain

Which swim fins reduce knee pain & don’t hurt knee joints?

shinfin™ swim fins reduce knee pain because you kick with straighter knees. They also tend to not aggravate an existing knee problem, if you use them sensibly. In fact, customers find them very useful for knee rehabilitation after knee injuries and knee operations. You should check with your doctor and/or physiotherapist first, of course. These comfortable swim fins don’t hurt your knees.

Regular foot fins can cause knee pain that gets worse the more you use them. This is because regular foot fins cause you to bend your knees too much when you kick. Also, the leg forces needed to hold the foot fins at their required angle in the water, twists your knees. After a while the knee pain builds up. Your knees can even stay sore long after you leave the water.

You can test this for yourself by swimming with no fins. You will probably find that kicking without any fins doesn’t hurt your knees so much. Most likely, this is because you are kicking with straighter knees, with less twisting of your knee joints too.

shinfin™ swim fins avoid knee pain, firstly because they encourage you to kick from your hips with less knee-bend. Kicking with straighter knees reduces strain and knee pain in your knee joints and surrounding ligaments. This is actually how good swimmers kick too.

Secondly, shinfin™ swim fins can be adjusted around your leg to be perpendicular to your kick direction. You simply line up the fin centreline with the toe that matches your kick direction. This minimises knee twisting pain.

Thirdly, you don’t even have to kick shinfin™ swim fins much to get the benefits from them. Even if you swim mainly with arm power and only kick a little (or even trail your legs), the fins still help to straighten your knees and lift your body horizontal and streamlined. You can then add as much kick power as your knees feel comfortable with.

Three good reasons why these comfortable swim fins don’t cause knee pain and are much kinder to your knees than regular foot fins!

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