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Less Achilles and heel pain fin reviews

  • No gout arthritis pains in ankle, foot, heel & knee: lap fins

    For many years, Harley has found shinfinTM fins fantastic for his lap swimming because they don’t bend his ankles, so they don’t trigger gout arthritis pains in his ankle, foot, heel and knee. This is because they strap above his ankles, leaving his ankles and feet free. In contrast, conventional foot fins strain his ankles, which can cause a gout arthritis attack.

    Harley’s review from Brisbane, Australia

    “I have had the fins for about 4 years and have used them every year for about 3 months in summer swimming laps. They have been fantastic, as they put no bending moment on my ankles. I suffer from gout from time to time and if I use conventional swim fins my ankles take strain and that can lead to a gout attack. This is not a pleasant experience believe me. Your shinfinTM fins are a marvellous invention.”

  • No muscle, ankle or heel pain: body surfing fins

    Body surfing with shinfinTM fins, Michael avoids the muscle pain, sore ankles and raw heels that he gets with traditional foot fins. What’s more, these issues can be dangerous. So shinfinTM fins give him a comfortable and safe way to body surf. In fact, he likes them so much that he then bought three pairs for his grandchildren!

    Michael’s review from Juneau, USA

    Now that I’m older, I need a better (correct if you will) way to boost my ability to catch waves using my leg muscles. I’m most fortunate that I have my shinfinTM fins. They provide a comfortable and safe way to use these aging muscles. No more painful muscle cramps and bruises. You have my gratitude. My old Voit fins just about killed me with sore ankles and raw heels.”

  • Knee reconstruction, back fusion & Achilles tendinitis: rehabilitation fins

    For over 10 years, Cecilia loves using her shinfinTM fins to rehabilitate following ACL knee reconstruction, back disc fusion and Achilles tendinitis. They improve her swimming remarkably, whilst also strengthening her back and leg muscles. She finds them so comfortable because they reduce back pain, reduce knee pain and avoid Achilles tendon pain.

    Cecilia’s review from Clifton Forge, USA

    After 2 weeks: “They are absolutely wonderful! The shinfinTM fins are a great workout. I would highly recommend them over any other type of fin. I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in my swimming.”

    After 10 years: “I have been using my shinfinTM fins for at least 10 years now and I absolutely love them. I was able to use them many years ago to rehabilitate after an ACL knee reconstruction. Currently using them to rehabilitate after a back fusion. I also have bilateral Achilles tendinitis, so the shinfinTM fins are perfect for me. They really work for strengthening the back and leg muscles. I don’t get in the pool without them. I just can’t say enough good things about them. Thanks so much for coming up with these.”

  • Don’t aggravate Achilles: smooth lap swimming fins

    For about 15 years, shinfinTM fins have allowed Francis to swim laps again, with a smooth swimming style that doesn’t aggravate his Achilles tendons. He finds them fantastic for freestyle and backstroke, feeling them adding strength to his hip areas and the rest of his legs. This is because they give a smooth kick action which is more comfortable. Being lightweight yet very tough, they allow relaxed feet and supple ankles, which takes the strain off his Achilles tendons.

    Francis’ review from Mount Eliza, Australia

    “The shinfinTM fins have been fantastic. Great for swimming smoothly, controlling the fast-paced foot kicking action that aggravated my Achilles. Allowing me to continue lap swimming, something I really want to do! So they have been great, worth every cent!”

    “I have had my shinfinTM fins now for close to 15 years and absolutely love them. Put simply, they allowed me to keep swimming! Ironically, I damaged my Achilles using regular flippers and was told by a doctor that continuing to swim might hurt it again. Especially as I have a sort of flapping action when I kick my feet, whipping them up and down in the kicking action. The shinfinTM fin requires you to kick more from the thigh down, and takes the pressure off the feet. So I swim a reasonably long way, and on a regular basis, without pain. I highly recommend them.”

  • No Achilles problems or toe cramps: recreational swim fins

    Carole has great success recreational swimming with shinfinTM fins because they don’t give her Achilles problems or toe cramps like foot fins. So now she can swim daily in comfort.

    Carole’s review from Languedoc, France

    “I use them for recreational swimming. I am 70 and find other fins uncomfortable, especially with an Achilles problem. Great success. I have used them daily for almost 3 months and can now put them on and off easily. I have had no problems with my Achilles or cramping in the toes.”

  • No Achilles pain or calf cramps: swim training fins

    Kate loves using her shinfinTM fins for swim training, even more because they avoid the Achilles pain and calf cramps caused by conventional fins. She enjoys them for full stroke freestyle and backstroke and also for kick exercise drills, with and without a kickboard. They give her many swim training benefits, with comfort too.

    Kate’s review from Perth, Australia

    “I love using them. Overall, I’m really happy with the fins and I get asked about them every time I swim! I use the fins for full stroke freestyle and backstroke. And for drills, with and without a kickboard. I have a chronic Achilles problem and was getting very frustrated with my swim training as conventional fins were out of the question. Just one kick and my calf would cramp up.”

  • Broken foot & Achilles: recovery fins

    Geoff (doctor) used shinfinTM fins to help his own recovery from a broken foot, and also loaned them to a patient to recover from Achilles tendon inflammation. Because they attach above the ankle, they allowed him to maintain leg strength during his recovery, without stressing his foot like ordinary flippers. So they gave him a better, more comfortable workout.

    Geoff’s (doctor) review from Townsville, Australia

    “I have a pair of shinfinTM fins and have been delighted with them. They helped during my recovery from a broken foot. I wanted to maintain strength in my legs during recovery but was not getting enough of a workout from swimming with bare feet. Ordinary flippers were out, as they stressed the very areas that needed to recover. I find them superb. Good luck and thanks.”

    Also: “I had a patient with an Achilles tendon inflammation who was trying to keep fit without running but was using ordinary flippers when swimming and aggravating the injury. So my shinfinTM fins are on loan to them at present.”

  • No tired ankles or chafed heels: snorkeling fins

    Afton enjoys snorkeling with shinfinTM fins because they don’t give him tired ankles or chafed heels like traditional foot fins. This because they encourage him to kick with his whole leg, without ankle strain or Achilles pain. They streamline his entire body to snorkel faster. Plus, there is no heel strap to rub or chafe. So he can snorkel comfortably for longer. Tough and lightweight, they are also easier to pack for snorkeling trips. Furthermore, they stay on in waves.

    Afton’s review from St. George, USA

    “I just returned from a snorkeling trip in Bermuda. I enjoyed using my shinfinTM fins. With traditional fins I ended up with tired ankles and the strap chafing on my heel. On this trip I was always the last one out and felt the same as when I first went in. I will definitely recommend them. shinfinTM ON!”