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No tired ankles or chafed heels: snorkeling fins

Afton enjoys snorkeling with shinfinTM fins because they don’t give him tired ankles or chafed heels like traditional foot fins. This because they encourage him to kick with his whole leg, without ankle strain or Achilles pain. They streamline his entire body to snorkel faster. Plus, there is no heel strap to rub or chafe. So he can snorkel comfortably for longer. Tough and lightweight, they are also easier to pack for snorkeling trips. Furthermore, they stay on in waves.

Afton’s review from St. George, USA

“I just returned from a snorkeling trip in Bermuda. I enjoyed using my shinfinTM fins. With traditional fins I ended up with tired ankles and the strap chafing on my heel. On this trip I was always the last one out and felt the same as when I first went in. I will definitely recommend them. shinfinTM ON!”

Afton’s review: Snorkeling fins that don’t tire ankles or chafe heels


Many thanks for your kind reply Afton. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying them so much. Yes, we get a lot of feedback like this. Their natural streamlined kick works very well for snorkeling. Without the many problems normally associated with foot flippers, like you mention.


“Yes, you have my permission to use my testimonial.”

“shinfinTM ON!”


Thank you for your kind permission Afton. Personal recommendation is very important to get a new product like this going, so I really appreciate it. And the shinfinTM word is spreading well. All the best.


Snorkeling with shinfinTM fins is more enjoyable because they encourage you to kick with your whole leg and streamline your entire body to snorkel faster, without straining your ankles or Achilles. So they don’t give you tired ankles like traditional foot fins.

Furthermore, there is no foot pocket or heel strap to rub or chafe your feet and heels. Instead, the secure strap around your lower leg is more comfortable and ensures they stay on in waves. They are also lighter and easier to pack for your snorkeling trips: see strength and weight FAQ.