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Less back pain & less sore feet fins

Like many people, George is so happy that his shinfinTM fins give him less back pain and less sore feet, compared to regular foot flippers. This is because shinfinTM fins encourage him to kick from his hips without straining his back. Most important, they are more comfortable and don’t hurt his feet because they don’t fit on his feet!

George’s review from Williamstown, Australia

“I am very happy with my fins and noticing a better after result in terms of less back pain and sore feet I had with regular flippers. Anyway I am now a fellow shinfinner’ lol.”

George’s review: Fins for less back pain and less sore feet


Many thanks for your reply George. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying your fins and getting the benefits from them with less back pain. We get a lot of feedback like this.


“One question I forgot to ask. Are the fins left and right or do they just go on irrelevant to the left and right foot? I have a lousy memory and just put them on lol. Thanking you again.”


The fins themselves are identical, but strapping them is generally done different left/right. Most people leave the buckle on the outside of their leg buckled up all the time (once you have set it to the size of your leg). They use the buckle on the inside of their leg to put the fin on and off because that buckle is generally easier for them to reach. I hope this makes sense.


“Please feel free to use any quotations or comments regarding shinfinsTM fins. Fellow shinfinner’.”


Compared to regular foot flippers, shinfinTM fins significantly reduce back pain and also reduce foot pain. So you may be interested in the general comfortable fins reviews, the comfortable fins FAQ and the main comfortable fins article too.

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