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Sensitive thin skin fin reviews

  • Quad amputee snorkeling & surfboard fins

    Dawn, a quad amputee, felt like a mermaid wearing her shinfinTM fins on her legs for snorkeling, and also on her arms for paddling her surfboard. Dawn has one leg amputated just below the knee and the other leg amputated just above the knee. Her arms are amputated just below her elbows. When she wears the shinfinTM fins on her arms, she wears them on the underside of her arms with the fin tips pointing away from her shoulders. The fins can fit in all these different positions on Dawn’s arms and legs because the fins are made from flexible polyurethane and the rubber straps are highly adjustable.

    Cindy’s/Dawn’s review from Florida, USA

    “Cindy: I am so excited to find your invention. I have a girlfriend, Dawn, who was a very active athlete before losing all 4 limbs to amputation. Her legs were amputed one just below the knee and one just above the knee. Her arms are amputated just below the elbow. I wanted to let you know that she liked your fins. She wore them on her arms and was able to paddle on a surfboard as well as turn the board around (which she couldn’t do without the fins). She also wore the fins on her legs, and they worked pretty good to give her some additional propulsion.”

    “Dawn: Thanks for creating the fins. I felt like a mermaid :)!”

    Quad amputee with shinfin™ fins on arms paddling on surfboard: front view
    Quad amputee with shinfinTM fins on arms paddling on surfboard: front view
  • Multiple Sclerosis with waist belt: pool fins

    With later stage Multiple Sclerosis (MS) impairing his mobility, shinfinTM fins enable Robert to swim 50 pool laps every day, also using a waist belt for extra flotation. Because his fingers are also affected by the MS, the alternative strapping for less finger strength can help him, along with a longer strap tail to pull, for the buckle that he tightens. Furthermore, he can wear the fins over socks to protect sensitive skin from abrasion.

    Robert’s review from Soldiers Point, Australia

    “The shinfinTM fins are great. Robert has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) later stages but we have an indoor pool. So now, with the aid of a waist belt and shinfinTM fins, he can swim 50 lengths of the pool every day. Not bad for a 77 year old. So we are very happy we bought them. Thank you for the follow-up. Sincerely, Enid (Robert’s wife).”

  • Foot amputation & sensitive skin: learn to swim fins

    Dawn’s ten year old son has a partial foot amputation and sensitive skin from burns, so he loves his shinfinTM fins for learning to swim. Because his skin is very thin and sensitive due to his burns, he wears the fins over socks. Most important, as they strap above his ankles, his feet are free. That is why his foot amputation doesn’t affect the fin operation, unlike with regular foot fins. So his swim instructor sees a big improvement in his swimming.

    Dawn’s review from Currimundi, Australia

    “My son [age 10] loves the fins. Because of his partial amputation of one foot and loss of muscles due to burns, he has always had trouble kicking. With shinfinTM fins he is able to kick very well. His teacher, who told us about the fins, has seen a big improvement in his swimming. Thanks, Dawn.”

  • Comfortable fit with hammertoes & bunions: snorkeling fins

    shinfinTM fins fit Catherine comfortably and allow her to snorkel again, even though she has severe hammertoes and bunions on her feet. They minimise foot pain because they attach above her ankles and leave her feet free. Furthermore, they are adjustable to different heights and angles on her legs. So they also relax her ankles and feet. In contrast, Catherine finds fitting regular foot fins impossible.

    Catherine’s review from Los Angeles, USA

    “Thank you so much for your invention. I have severe hammertoes and bunions, and finding fins that fit was impossible. Last year when I tried snorkeling in Hawaii, I was so frustrated because I could not find fins that I could wear. Now, thanks to discovering the shinfinTM fins, I am able to snorkel 🤿 and not feel bad being left out. I can’t thank you enough for helping improve my quality of life.”

  • Socks between sensitive thin skin & fins

    Melisa has very sensitive thin skin, so she wears cut-off socks between her leg and her shinfinTM fins. She wears normal socks but you can also wear wetsuit socks. The fins adjust to fit thin legs and large legs, both with and without wetsuit socks. Melisa swims for fitness about three times a week and immediately feels her fins toning up her muscles.

    Melisa’s review from Belvedere, UK

    “I am getting on very well with my shinfinTM fins. I could feel them toning up my muscles immediately! Your sock idea was just what I needed. I tried it out today in the pool and it solved all my problems! So thank you very much for your help.”