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Weak fingers fin reviews

  • Foot drop & peripheral neuropathy exercise fins

    Louise finds shinfinTM fins very helpful for her swim exercise, having peripheral neuropathy, foot drop and severe lower leg weakness. The fins allow her to swim through the water so much more easily because they promote a horizontal body position and lift her legs horizontal and streamlined too. Also, the fins encourage her to kick from her hips and help her to strengthen her torso, buttocks and thigh muscles. With weaker fingers due to her peripheral neuropathy, an alternative strapping method for less finger strength can help.

    Louise’s review from Kiama Downs, Australia

    “I’ve found the fins very helpful, although I still haven’t mastered adjusting the straps properly. My hands are also affected by peripheral neuropathy, so that may make it harder too. I have quite severe lower leg weakness and foot drop. The fins allow me to get through the water so much more easily. So I can get the exercise I need.”

  • Swimming with tumble turns & aqua aerobics fins

    Loving her shinfinTM fins, usually daily, for nine years and more, Gillian uses them for pool swimming with tumble turns and a tougher aqua aerobics workout too. It only took her a short while to become comfortable swimming, doing tumble turns and adjusting her fins without much strength in her hands. She “motors down the pool” with great swimming style doing freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke arms with butterfly legs. The fins guide her into a streamlined kicking technique from her hips. This review shows Gillian’s progression with her fins over her first few days and then at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 2 years, 5 years and 9 years. shinfinTM fins are strong and long-lasting!

    Gillian’s review from Blakeview, Australia

    “I found them terrific for backstroke. Wow! I swim from the hips anyway, so had no problems adjusting to this type of swimming. Foot flippers always made my shins, ankles and knees ache. My program consists of 50m freestyle, 50m reverse fly kick, 50m fly with breaststroke arms, 50m backstroke, repeated until I run out of time. Generally between 1000m and 1600m. I feel as though I am “motoring” down the pool. I can now do tumble turns at both ends of the pool. Using them to keep me mobile. Love the fins. I’ve shown them to a lot of people at the pool, usually the older generation, like me. I’m happy that my fins have outlasted five pairs of foot flippers. Two years of discomfort before foot flippers snap across the middle!”

  • Below knee amputation with knee replacement fins

    Audrey’s shinfinTM fins allow her to enjoy swimming again after her knee replacement surgery and below knee amputation. They have made a huge difference to her swimming technique, ability and momentum because they give her equal kick power in both her legs. So she can now swim in a straight line again too! Also, her prosthetist altered the buckles because she has weak fingers due to arthritis.

    Audrey’s review from Victoria, Canada

    “I’m an amputee and they have given me back my enjoyment in swimming. They are just the best! Now I can swim in a straight line and with some momentum. Thank you! I now have equal kicking power in both legs. I’ve told so many people about these fins. I’m so glad to be able to get back swimming as I thought I would have to give it up after my surgery because it was such a struggle to swim with 1/2 legs.” And months later: “I’m still using the fins faithfully and thoroughly enjoying them. They have made a huge difference to my swimming ability.”

  • Multiple Sclerosis with waist belt: pool fins

    With later stage Multiple Sclerosis (MS) impairing his mobility, shinfinTM fins enable Robert to swim 50 pool laps every day, also using a waist belt for extra flotation. Because his fingers are also affected by the MS, the alternative strapping for less finger strength can help him, along with a longer strap tail to pull, for the buckle that he tightens. Furthermore, he can wear the fins over socks to protect sensitive skin from abrasion.

    Robert’s review from Soldiers Point, Australia

    “The shinfinTM fins are great. Robert has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) later stages but we have an indoor pool. So now, with the aid of a waist belt and shinfinTM fins, he can swim 50 lengths of the pool every day. Not bad for a 77 year old. So we are very happy we bought them. Thank you for the follow-up. Sincerely, Enid (Robert’s wife).”

  • Weak arms & mobility: disability fins

    Amanda has a mobility disability and, as her arms can also be quite weak, she fits her shinfinTM fins using the alternative strapping for weaker fingers. They adjust to fit her larger legs and allow her to share her fins. By encouraging kicking from the hips, they have greatly improved her kick and swimming comfort. Furthermore, her brother could feel them improving his swim style after only one use.

    Amanda’s review from Canberra, Australia

    “I have noticed a great improvement in my kick and have really enjoyed the way they work the legs and buttocks. I have a mobility disability and find that the fins make my swim a lot more comfortable. One great thing is being able to share them – much easier than with conventional flippers! But, I am a bit reluctant ’cause I love them so much.”