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No calf cramp, no back pain & backstroke: training fins

Unlike foot flippers, shinfinTM fins don’t give Adriana calf cramps or low back pain for her swim training and she can even use them for backstroke. This is because they give her a smooth swimming stroke which uses her thigh muscles, without cramping her calf muscles. What’s more, because they lift her thighs horizontal, that’s why they give her no low back pain too. So, overall they are much more comfortable for her.

Adriana’s review from Asheville, USA

“The shinfinTM fins are great! I am very happy with your product, and proudly show it to everybody at the pool! Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful product!! Once again, thank you for your wonderful customer service and the marvelous shinfinTM fins that are helping me so much with my favourite sport.”

Adriana’s review: Training fins for no calf cramp, no low back pain & backstroke too

“Just by chance I discovered your website on leg fins after hurting my feet with some loose fins at the pool a couple of days ago. Then I bought a different pair for speed training. But they were even worse. And now I can barely wear shoes, the upper part of my feet being full of open blisters!”

“So I wanted something solid and reliable and found your website. And I should say that your leg fins are quite a concept! I had never seen or heard of anything like that around here. I am getting ready to order a pair, but here go my questions. Do the leg fins and the straps need to be bought separately, or do the leg fins come with straps already? After ordering, how long does it take for them to be received in the US?”


I think you will enjoy shinfinTM fins and really benefit from training with them. We have a lot of customers using shinfinTM fins for swim training. Yes, they do come with straps and airmail to the US from Sydney only takes about a week.

The problems you describe with your foot flippers hurting your feet are very common. Lots of people tell me that. In contrast, shinfinTM fins let your ankles remain supple and give your feet the freedom to move naturally throughout your kick. They also guide you to flex your ankles at the right time because they gently press along your foot when you should be pointing your toes.

But they don’t force you to point your toes in the same way that foot flippers do. Nor do they force you to hold your foot in any particular angular position. In contrast, you need to hold foot flippers in the correct position so they work. But that position is not the same as your natural kick position. As you probably know, the ability to point your toes fully is important for swimming. Dry-land stretches help with this. But it is also really important that your ankles are supple in the water and shinfinTM fins allow this, whereas foot flippers do not.


“The shinfinTM fins are great! It took me a couple of days to get used to them and I even got blisters on the front of my ankles. But I am using wristbands now to avoid getting them again.”

“I did feel the difference on my thigh muscles right away, as opposed to the calf muscles before the shinfinTM fins. Also glad I am not getting cramps in my legs since using the shinfinTM fins.”

“I have not been able to get back to the speed I was swimming at before though, but that could be due to any number of factors. I do notice however that if I swim often enough my speed does increase a little, but then it goes down again if I don’t swim for 2-3 days. So, as I said, the issue with speed could be due to any number of reasons and not necessarily due to the shinfinTM fins.”

“Another thing, is that I work in front of a computer all day. I was getting low back pain, which was exacerbated when I was using the other type of fins, the ones for the feet. So I decided to pay attention to my pain when using the shinfinTM fins and after a while the pain disappeared. Especially since I started swimming the backstroke, which I never dared do with the other type of fins.”

“I am very happy with your product, and proudly show it to everybody at the pool! Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful product!!”


I’m glad to hear you find your fins are great and you are getting the benefits from them, especially strengthening the core muscles of your back to reduce the back pain. We get a lot of feedback like this.

Can I ask a favour please? Would you mind if I put some extracts from your emails on the web site? I like the way you have written. I think it would be useful for other people to read what you have said.

Good idea to use the wrist bands. But I’m very sorry to hear that they were rubbing your ankle in the first place. Perhaps the straps weren’t adjusted correctly. If they were a bit loose then that might have caused the rubbing. They don’t need to be over tight, just enough to feel comfortable and secure.

Do the fin tips reach about to your toenails with toes pointed? Perhaps try fitting the fins a little higher or lower. A little up or down might be more comfortable. By the way, if they are not rubbing as much on one leg then the fitting position on that leg is probably closer to the most comfortable. I hope this helps you. Please let me know how you go.


“Thank you for your detailed email. Yes, I had followed the instructions on putting on and taking off the shinfinTM fins, and continue to do so. Your instructions are always so detailed and easy to follow! Thank you for that.”

“No, I don’t mind if you put some extracts of my email on your website. In fact, I will be honoured if you do!”

“Once again, thank you for your wonderful customer service and the marvelous shinfinTM fins that are helping me so much with my favourite sport.”


Thank you for your kind permission. Personal recommendation is very important to help a new product like this along, so I really appreciate it. All the best.


shinfinTM fins don’t give you calf cramps or low back pain like foot flippers, and you can use them for swim training, including backstroke. This is because they give you a smooth swimming stroke which uses your stronger thighs, buttocks and torso muscles. And this avoids cramping your calf muscles. What’s more, they also reduce low back pain because they lift your thighs horizontal.

So, they are much more comfortable overall and have many uses with many benefits over foot flippers. These further reviews show how they avoid Achilles pain as well as calf cramps, avoid knee pain as well as back pain and give a better swim training leg workout.