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Quad amputation fins reviews

  • Quad amputee snorkeling & surfboard fins

    Dawn, a quad amputee, felt like a mermaid wearing her shinfinTM fins on her legs for snorkeling, and also on her arms for paddling her surfboard. Dawn has one leg amputated just below the knee and the other leg amputated just above the knee. Her arms are amputated just below her elbows. When she wears the shinfinTM fins on her arms, she wears them on the underside of her arms with the fin tips pointing away from her shoulders. The fins can fit in all these different positions on Dawn’s arms and legs because the fins are made from flexible polyurethane and the rubber straps are highly adjustable.

    Cindy’s/Dawn’s review from Florida, USA

    “Cindy: I am so excited to find your invention. I have a girlfriend, Dawn, who was a very active athlete before losing all 4 limbs to amputation. Her legs were amputed one just below the knee and one just above the knee. Her arms are amputated just below the elbow. I wanted to let you know that she liked your fins. She wore them on her arms and was able to paddle on a surfboard as well as turn the board around (which she couldn’t do without the fins). She also wore the fins on her legs, and they worked pretty good to give her some additional propulsion.”

    “Dawn: Thanks for creating the fins. I felt like a mermaid :)!”

    Quad amputee with shinfin™ fins on arms paddling on surfboard: front view
    Quad amputee with shinfinTM fins on arms paddling on surfboard: front view
  • Bilateral below knee quad amputee: swim exercise fins

    Sami (Beth’s and Bill’s son), a quad amputee bilateral below knee, has been swimming with shinfinTM fins for many years, as a child to adult. The fins have adjusted as he grew and have proven strong to last many years. They make his swimming exercise so much easier and more fun. So much, that they have recommended the fins to other children and adults through the International Child Amputee Network.

    Beth’s & Bill’s review from Tuscon, USA

    “I want to thank you for inventing this wonderful device. My son swims for exercise and for fun and his shinfinTM fins have made this so much easier for him! Sami is now the Board President of the International Child Amputee Network (I-CAN) and we have recommended shinfinTM fins to other children and young adults through this organization.”