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Float tube fishing fins reviews

  • River float tube fishing fins: mobile & versatile

    Sean enjoys much more mobility, versatility and water safety when river float tube fishing with his shinfinTM fins. Fundamentally, they give him better control to navigate river currents and then stay where he wishes to fish. The fins also leave his feet free to walk easier and push off the river floor, rocks, trees and other obstacles. What’s more, he can wear them with river shoes for extra protection.

    shinfin™ fins used with Togiak fishing float tube
    shinfin™ fins used with Togiak fishing float tube

    Sean’s review from Casper, USA

    “Since I have been using shinfinTM fins while fishing down Wyoming’s stretches of the North Platte river in a float tube, I have enjoyed an unbelievable increase in mobility and versatility! These are qualities that are of utmost importance when floating a river. I can get where I want to be in the currents and stay there. And I don’t lose the ability to wear river shoes and use my feet when I need them most, which is, quite frankly, all the time. They therefore make it much safer as well, giving me a liberated feeling and peace of mind.”

    “shinfinTM fins are a remarkable invention. They have completely changed the game for me when it comes to fishing the river! It’s a whole new experience now!”