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Less arm paddling fin reviews

  • No sinking legs or bad ankles: natural swim training fins

    shinfinTM fins give Mauricio natural swim training, solving his sinking legs problem and the bad ankles he got from standard flippers. This is because shinfinTM fins improve his swim technique by lifting his legs horizontal to keep his body horizontal. So this gives him a better swimming style with smooth, streamlined swimming. Furthermore, they are not bad for his ankles like regular flippers because they strap just above his ankles. So this gives him supple ankles and relaxed feet. Overall, he has less dependence on his arms and is more motivated to swim.

    Mauricio’s review from McLean, USA

    “I have used the shinfinTM fins for a couple of years now and I absolutely love them! I swim 3-4 times a week, around 2K each time. Would not be able to do it without these fins. I was never able to solve the problem of “sinking legs” (which makes swimming very hard on the arms and on the motivation…) And the standard flippers are bad for my ankles. Thanks again for this wonderful, wonderful product.”

  • Shortboard stand up surfing fins

    Kyle has a lot of fun stand up surfing with shinfinTM fins on his shortboard. With shinfinTM fins, he can still stand on his shortboard. They help him catch waves more easily and also let him rest his arms going back out. He really enjoys the balanced workout, kicking with his legs and paddling with his arms. Furthermore, they stop his lower back getting sore. (This used to happen when he just paddled just with his arms, without fins.) So he can stay out longer to catch more waves and have more fun. He also finds them great fins for body surfing and swimming, especially the way they encourage kicking from his hips. What’s more, because they are so adjustable, his seven year old son can also use them to enjoy himself more in the water.

    Kyle’s review from Ventura, USA

    “I rode my surfboard with your shinfinTM fins twice last weekend and had a lot of fun. Really enjoyed the balanced, full body workout. My body felt better after surfing, whereas previously, often my lower back would be sore after surfing for a long time. Although I didn’t surf for a long time, the way my back felt after surfing with your shinfinTM fins makes me expect to not be sore after surfing for hours. I also appreciated the chance to rest my arms while paddling back out. My 5’10” fish needs repair, so I rode my 6’8″ and duck diving it was no problem. I’m very happy with the purchase. Oh and I do believe they helped me catch waves more easily!”

    “I really enjoy them body surfing and swimming. I love how much water I can move through when swimming out through the waves by dolphin kicking underwater. Thank you for creating such fun and high performance vehicles”

  • Faster without hurting ankle injuries: bodyboarding fins

    Bodyboarding with shinfinTM fins lets Diego keep up with other surfers in comfort, without hurting his ankle injuries. This is because they attach just above his ankles. So his hip power and thigh strength is channeled directly to just below his calves, not through his ankles. He can’t use regular fins due to his ankle injuries.

    Diego’s review from Lima, Peru

    “Hello Marc! I’m only taking the time to reply back because… the shinfinTM fins are GREAT!!! They work MUCH better than I could’ve imagined!! With these I can keep up with the other surfers, and I can even swim faster than some, which is a scenario that SIMPLY would NOT happen before! I can’t put into words how happy I am!! Best regards, and congratulations on a remarkably well-engineered product.”

  • Faster paddling & wave catching: bodyboarding fins

    Liz’s shinfinTM fins give her faster, easier paddling on her bodyboard and extra speed for catching waves. She paddles out lying horizontal on her bodyboard, doing freestyle arms and kicking at the same time. Sharing the power like this, she finds it faster and much less tiring on her arms and legs. The same faster paddling and wave catching benefits also apply to kneeboarding and surfing.

    Liz’s review from Guernsey, Channel Islands

    “I first want to say how great they are. I have been using them bodyboarding and they are a fantastic step forward from old style fins. They seem to really add extra speed to bodyboarding. They’re especially great for getting some extra momentum going on waves that have almost been missed. Also make paddling out much easier which helps to catch those big waves. I have been paddling out lying horizontal on the board and the fins really add some power. So it’s much less tiring on the legs and arms. Thanks for a great product 🙂.”

  • Fast sprint & comfortable, light: kneeboarding fins

    Comfortable and light, Graham’s shinfinTM fins give him a fast sprint speed on his kneeboard to catch waves. They don’t give him foot cramps like regular foot fins and they are comfortable when kneeling on his kneeboard. Furthermore, they leave his feet free to walk and jump off rocks, for easier water entry.

    Graham’s review from Maroochydore, Australia

    “The fins are definitely a breakthrough. Good sprint speed for catching the waves (kneeboard). Comfortable in kneeling position. Very comfortable and no foot cramp. Easy to walk and jump off rocks for water entry.”

  • Less arm paddling: kneeboarding & surfing fins

    Mike uses shinfinTM fins to paddle less with his arms when kneeboarding and stand-up surfing. This is especially important for Mike’s rotator cuff shoulder problem and for other arm and shoulder injuries. Also, they don’t aggravate a bunion on Mike’s toe, unlike regular fins.

    Mike’s review from Bend, Oregon, USA

    “Cheers, they work good.”