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Fast sprint & comfortable, light: kneeboarding fins

Comfortable and light, Graham’s shinfinTM fins give him a fast sprint speed on his kneeboard to catch waves. They don’t give him foot cramps like regular foot fins and they are comfortable when kneeling on his kneeboard. Furthermore, they leave his feet free to walk and jump off rocks, for easier water entry.

Graham’s review from Maroochydore, Australia

“The fins are definitely a breakthrough. Good sprint speed for catching the waves (kneeboard). Comfortable in kneeling position. Very comfortable and no foot cramp. Easy to walk and jump off rocks for water entry.”

Graham’s review: Comfortable light kneeboarding fins for fast sprinting

“I thought the following may be useful.”

  • Very comfortable and NO FOOT CRAMP!
  • Good sprint speed for catching the waves (kneeboard)
  • Light
  • Suits straight leg kick style for kneeboarding
  • Comfortable in kneeling position.
  • Easy to walk and jump off rocks for water entry.”
  • Feels “loose” in white water surf
  • Can tend to move & rotate in bigger surf and stronger white water.”
  • How soon should the rubber straps be replaced to prevent snapping in the surf?
  • Can I get a discount if I buy a second pair?”

“Thanks for a great product.”


Many thanks for your prompt and kind feedback Graham. I’m glad you are finding shinfinTM fins a great product for your kneeboarding.

I may be able to help you overcome the negatives too. The fins do need to be strapped securely so they don’t twist around your leg in the surf. In particular, the fins must be wet when they are put on. The strap crossover needs to be just above the ankle (i.e. around the thinnest part of your leg). Also, the strap must follow the direction of the buckle arrows. If you fit them too high then they can slip down to this narrowest position and hence loosen.

Once the fins are on securely, in the correct position, the fins shouldn’t slip around the leg, although they are designed to flex to absorb the impact of a rogue wave.

If you look after the straps by not leaving them lying in the sun, rinsing after use and making sure they don’t get cut by sharp objects, then you should get many years of reasonable use out of them.

We have a growing number of customers around the world who are really passionate about shinfinTM fins, and keen to help spread the word. So yes, we do offer discounts for multiple sales. What’s more, people can have a bit of a sideline (or even mainline) business getting together orders for their friends or club or whatever.


“I have no problem with my comments appearing on the website. The fins are definitely a breakthrough.”


Thank you for your email and kind permission. I look forward to hearing back from you as you progress with the fins, should you get a moment to drop me an email.


Kneeboarding with shinfinTM fins gives you a fast sprint speed, which is constant during each kick, to catch waves. So they give you a natural kick rhythm. You will also find them lightweight and comfortable for kneeling on your kneeboard. Furthermore, they don’t give you foot cramps like regular foot fins.

So you can kick more and paddle less, to rest your arms. Of course, this faster paddling and wave catching works well for bodyboarding and body surfing too. In addition, they leave your feet free to walk and jump off rocks, for easier water entry.