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Less toe pain fin reviews

  • Comfortable fit with hammertoes & bunions: snorkeling fins

    shinfinTM fins fit Catherine comfortably and allow her to snorkel again, even though she has severe hammertoes and bunions on her feet. They minimise foot pain because they attach above her ankles and leave her feet free. Furthermore, they are adjustable to different heights and angles on her legs. So they also relax her ankles and feet. In contrast, Catherine finds fitting regular foot fins impossible.

    Catherine’s review from Los Angeles, USA

    “Thank you so much for your invention. I have severe hammertoes and bunions, and finding fins that fit was impossible. Last year when I tried snorkeling in Hawaii, I was so frustrated because I could not find fins that I could wear. Now, thanks to discovering the shinfinTM fins, I am able to snorkel 🤿 and not feel bad being left out. I can’t thank you enough for helping improve my quality of life.”

  • No Achilles problems or toe cramps: recreational swim fins

    Carole has great success recreational swimming with shinfinTM fins because they don’t give her Achilles problems or toe cramps like foot fins. So now she can swim daily in comfort.

    Carole’s review from Languedoc, France

    “I use them for recreational swimming. I am 70 and find other fins uncomfortable, especially with an Achilles problem. Great success. I have used them daily for almost 3 months and can now put them on and off easily. I have had no problems with my Achilles or cramping in the toes.”

  • Big surf & beach break: body surfing & bodyboarding fins

    shinfinTM fins leave Phil’s feet free to move for shallow water beach breaks and power him for big surf bodyboarding and body surfing. Also, he sometimes wears shinfinTM fins and regular foot fins together. What’s more, Phil appreciates that shinfinTM fins don’t give him calf cramps or toe rash like regular foot fins.

    Phil’s review from Huntington Beach, USA

    “I really like the fact that when I am body surfing or bodyboarding in a beach break, my feet can be free to move in shallow water. In real big surf, I can increase my propulsion greatly by putting on my regular foot fins also! Thanks for your nice product! Thanks for putting a great new fin on the surf market.”

  • Learn stronger normal swimming without fins too

    By simply doing laps with her shinfinTM fins, Margo also learns much stronger normal swimming without fins. This is because they help her learn to swim in the correct kicking position with straighter legs. So they give her more hip power and efficiency. As a result, her swimming feels very easy. She can swim twice as far without getting tired, thus boosting her swimming confidence. So her swim learning with shinfinTM fins transfers to greatly improve her swimming without fins too. Furthermore, she finds the fin comfort wonderful and no longer gets cramping in her feet and toes when she swims without fins.

    Margo’s review from Weetangera, Australia

    “Just to let you know that I took your suggestion of trying to swim without the fins, after having done a number of laps with them. Couldn’t believe how much stronger my ‘normal’ swimming was! I kept my legs straight when kicking, and moved with more power and efficiency through the water (and so far, no cramps!). I am sure this is due to my body having been ‘trained’ into the correct position when using the fins.”

  • No foot & toe cramps: better workout fins

    With shinfinTM fins, Sue gets a much better fitness workout whilst avoiding the foot cramps and toe cramps she used to get with regular flippers. What’s more, they help her learn to use her upper legs more and to relax her feet.

    Sue’s review from Old Erowal Bay, Australia

    “I love my shinfinTM fins. Compared to flippers they give me a much better workout. I definitely won’t be going back to flippers.”