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Power, wave control & push off: body surfing fins

For Doug (previously a professional lifeguard), the key body surfing benefits of shinfinTM fins are a strong punch of power, control in the wave and feet free to push off from the bottom. He gets the power he needs because shinfinTM fins are hip powered by the larger muscles in his thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso. Control to get into the wave pocket happens because the fins are on his legs, not his feet. What’s more, a wave slamming and rolling him doesn’t rip them off, unlike foot flippers.

Doug’s review from Venice Beach, USA

“I’ve been using the fins extensively. I got a strong punch of power out of the shinfinTM fins. And just like you guys said, I got an impressive increase in control while in the wave. But here is what was really cool. Because of the design of the shinfinTM fins, I was able to plant my feet firmly on the bottom/reef and push off and kick. It takes the right tide level to pull this off. But when you can do it, it’s awesome. It allows you to get into waves and places in the wave I’ve only seen dolphins utilize! It seems that the added vector control realized by the shinfinTM fins allows me to control angle of descent and climb. This equates to the ability to get into the wave pocket, which is really what it’s all about!”

“I just realized something else Marc. When I got rag-dolled on that first wave, any normal fin would have most likely been ripped off my feet (it’s happened before). My shinfinTM fins were moved around but I still had them! And that’s what’s counts.”

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Walk, stand & maneuver easily: powerful body surfing fins

shinfinTM fins give Pete powerful body surfing and also let him walk and stand in the water, and maneuver easily to catch waves. This is because they attach to his legs, so his feet are free. Furthermore, kick power comes from his hips, using the stronger muscles in his thighs, buttocks and torso. So his end result is better control on the waves, faster body surfing and less fatigue.

Pete’s review from Harrington Park, USA

“They’re great. Biggest benefit is you don’t have to put them on in the water. And you can walk in the ocean with them on. Plus, they give you plenty of power to get the fatter waves. And when you want to take a break from swimming, you can stand in them. Big plus, as you can’t stand in the water with regular fins on.”

“Took my shinfinTM fins with me on my world body surfing tour this summer. They worked great, especially taking into consideration the vicious shore break there. They are very easy to maneuver around in once you are out there too. And no problem standing at all when you are only up to your waist, to take a break. You can walk in as opposed to swimming in all the time, so the fatigue factor is much less.”

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River float tube fishing fins: mobile & versatile

Sean enjoys much more mobility, versatility and water safety when river float tube fishing with his shinfinTM fins. Fundamentally, they give him better control to navigate river currents and then stay where he wishes to fish. The fins also leave his feet free to walk easier and push off the river floor, rocks, trees and other obstacles. What’s more, he can wear them with river shoes for extra protection.

shinfin fins used with Togiak fishing float tube

Sean’s review from Casper, USA

“Since I have been using shinfinTM fins while fishing down Wyoming’s stretches of the North Platte river in a float tube, I have enjoyed an unbelievable increase in mobility and versatility! These are qualities that are of utmost importance when floating a river. I can get where I want to be in the currents and stay there. And I don’t lose the ability to wear river shoes and use my feet when I need them most, which is, quite frankly, all the time. They therefore make it much safer as well, giving me a liberated feeling and peace of mind.”

“shinfinTM fins are a remarkable invention. They have completely changed the game for me when it comes to fishing the river! It’s a whole new experience now!”

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Better snorkeling control & lap swimming fins

Like many people, Jan Carlos uses his shinfinTM fins for multiple activities, finding them great for lap swimming and giving more control when snorkeling. As he feels, this is because they target the correct muscles to give him a powerful kick from his hips. Moreover, their extra control, together with leaving his feet free and not protruding beyond his toes, reduces unwanted damage to frail coral reefs (unlike long foot fins).

Juan Carlos’ review from Brisbane, Australia

“Overall, I’m very happy with my shinfinTM fins. Thanks for a great product and for the support. The initial experience could be a bit disappointing, but in no time you find the benefits. You feel the target muscles working. They are working great for my lap swimming. For snorkeling, they worked fine and you feel you are more in control when trying not to damage the frail coral reefs.”

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Improve balance after head injury fins

After her head injury, shinfinTM fins dramatically improve Connie’s balance, both in the water and walking. The fins retrain her kick to lift her legs more horizontal and streamlined. She finds they give her tremendous power from her glutes, obliques, thighs and stomach muscles. Swimming in open water at local beaches, she is very thankful for how much shinfinTM fins have improved her balance after her head injury. (On another note, the fins are highly adjustable. So many of Connie’s relations from age 6 upwards have tried her fins and also love them.)

Connie’s review from Long Beach, USA

“I am recovering from a head injury and also injured my knee when I fell on my head. I have been trying to think of the words to express how much I love my shinfinTM fins. But no words seem to do them justice. I have been using them here in Long Beach harbor. I have also swum with them in San Diego Bay. There is a long shore current that used to torment me on the return leg of my swim. With your shinfinTM fins, I power right through it. With concentration, I let the shinfinTM fins pull me up into good horizontal kick alignment. It gives me tremendous power and I can’t believe the way the shinfinTM fins strengthen and work my glutes, obliques, thighs and stomach muscles.”

“In addition, the lateral balance feedback they give me in the water seems to be greatly improving my balance (which I lost from the head injury) both in the water and on land. Your shinfinTM fins have added a stabilizing feedback component to my brain. I have had a dramatic improvement in my balance. Before, I needed a cane on one side and a person on the other to get to the water. Now, I can get there with just a cane. Thank you for my fins.”

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Great control & no foot pain: snorkeling fins

Bill gets great control and maneuverability, without any foot pain, when he snorkels and swims with shinfinTM fins. This is because they leave his feet free and don’t bend or hurt his feet. In contrast, normal flippers aggravate his feet so they only allow him to swim for short periods.

Bill’s review from Rockingham, Australia

“The shinfinTM fins were perfect. Everything I had hoped they would be. Great control and maneuverability. Best of all no pain in the foot. So I was in the water till I turned blue. Many thanks for a great invention.”